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5 Reasons We Love Meghan Markle

01 | 12 | 2017

ICYMI, our childhood crush Prince Harry (who we were CONVINCED we we’re gonna marry btw) has announced his engagement to all round mega babe Meghan Markle. We’re not gonna lie, our hearts shattered into a thousand tiny pieces when the news broke. But if our boy Harry is gonna marry anyone, we’re glad it’s Meghan. Here’s why..

5 Reasons We Love Meghan Markle

meghan markle's dogs

#1 She loves dogs. This might seem like a stupid reason, but when you’re as obsessed with pups as we are, you’ll get it. Her lil’ handsome boys, Bogart & Guy are somethin’ else. SO CUTE.

meghan markle handwriting

#2 She’s got SKILLS. As well as being a badass actress and model, did you Meghan is trained in calligraphy and has beautiful handwriting? So much so, she’s written Robin Thicke’s wedding invites. Random, but we LOVE it. Every girl gotta have a side hustle, and Meghan’s is her handwriting. Cool AF.

meghan markle instagram quote

#3 Meghan has a social media presence. You better believe we’re super nosy and want to keep up with the royals. Our girl Meghan has Insta and Twitter, which is super unusual for someone who is part of the royal family. We LOVE that we can keep up with her and see what she’s up to. Plus, homegirl’s a fan of inspirational quotes, so get followin’ that insta ASAP.

meghan markle

#4 Girl’s got style. We’re used to the women of the royal family dressing v demurely (ain’t nothin’ wrong with that) but we’re always excited to find a new style muse.

meghan markle charity work

#5 She’s an all round good egg. Humanitarian. Women’s advocate for the UN. Global ambassador for World Vision Canada. Feminist. Pheeeew, talk about a role model. We’re feelin’ kinda lazy all of a sudden. Meghan obvs has a huge heart and uses her platform to help so many good causes. We’re all for it.

So, in summary: Harry & Meghan, you have our blessing. See you at the altar!

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