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5 Signs You’re Too Good For Him

30 | 01 | 2018

It’s honestly mad how blind we can be to the people we fall for. If only we looked at our own love lives like we look at our friends. Imagine if we took our own advice that we are constantly drilling into our besties.

5 Signs You’re Too Good For Him

Some people are just on different paths and there is nothing wrong with that, but life is too short and you need someone who has similar hopes and dreams to you. Someone who has plans for the future and you’re in it. Here are some signs for you bae, to show you’re out of his league and to move on!

#1 He’s your first priority, but you’re not his

He doesn’t plan anything in advance – it’s always you, and then rarely sticks to the plans. He prefers to spend time with his friend’s, you are always the last resort. Huns you need someone who is willing to put as much effort in as you!Too good for him

#2 You never quite know when he’ll text next

You always answer his messages but he ignores yours. The constant pressing of the ‘home button’ to see if you might have missed a notification. What it is with guys and communication? Try putting your phone on night mode, you will soon forget about notifications popping up.

Too good for him

#3 He rarely compliments you

You find his conversations are shallow, and you’re constantly made to feel inferior to him. He accuses you of ‘fishing’ for compliments when all you want is a little reassurance because you have no idea what he’s thinking. You should be made to feel like a princess if he can’t see that he ain’t worth it.

Too good for him

#4 Your BFF’s hate him

You shouldn’t be constantly defending him to your friends, and you never want to get to the point where you keep things from them. They only want what’s best for you, just like you do for them.

#5 His idea of relationship is ‘friends with benefits’

You aren’t a piece of meat for when it suits him! If that doesn’t make you call it a day, I don’t know what will.

All relationships have their problems, it’s best to speak up about them, it’s crucial or you will just drive your self insane. If your mind is constantly in overdrive when you’re apart, you need to think about whether it’s really worth it. You’re a woman and you deserve a man, not a little boy.

Too good for him

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