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The 5 Types Of Friends Everyone Should Have

05 | 03 | 2019

We love our friends.

For the most part anyway.

The people you trust and cherish the most – when they’re not posting videos of you drunk twerking on Snapchat that is.

Besties, girls, bromances. sisterhoods. cliques, frenemies – all have their own versions of the same type of people.

Read on and see where you fit in! Image result for friends emoji


The 5 Types Of Friends Everyone Should Have


#1. The Moany One

You love them but my god do they like to huff and puff.

Everything is too far, too expensive, too cold, too boring.

You especially notice this when you’re on holiday with them.

Holidays are a moany friend’s favourite moaning location. Good luck finding a restaurant in Barcelona with this one.

Nothing is good enough. But we kinda love them anyway. Because we hate ourselves.


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#2. The Loyal One

This is the one that has your back no matter what. You can trust them fully and your bond is unbreakable.

Annoyingly they won’t dish the dirt on other friends as they’re such a good secret keeper (boring!) but in the grand scheme of things that’s probably a good thing.

We need you to keep us sane and we appreciate you Image result for heart emoji

Just make sure their definition of loyal matches yours…..



#3. The Fun Adventurer

The one that won’t let you sit in your dressing gown chowing down Chinese on a Friday night.

They are wild, fun and always ready for a good time.

You have the BEST nights out with them and they can always make you laugh.

However, they also require a lot of energy so you need to be in the right frame of mind or it could be a bit of a nightmare.

Thank you for forcing me to have fun. But also stop forcing me to have fun. The internal conflict continues.


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#4. Opposites Attract

You shouldn’t work on paper.

You have different tastes, hobbies, style and everything else.

But something draws you together. Whether it’s your shared dark sense of humour or just a comfortability around each other you can’t explain.

You like that they open up your world to new experiences and you do the same for them. You have no expectations of each other and you just hang out because it feels good.

A rare gem but so refreshing to find.


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#5. Wise & Honest

The bread and butter of any friendship group.

When you’re acting out and need reigning in this is where you turn.

Full of wisdom and not afraid to tell you the truth – this is the friend we have come to rely on during life’s struggles.

Just be careful – you don’t always want the honesty.


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