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7 Rules Of Modern Dating

24 | 09 | 2018


Welcome to the rules of modern dating!


7 Rules Of Modern Dating


Where you’re only ever a right swipe away from your potential Mr Right, or at least a Mr Right Now. It’s tricky out there but we’ve got your back! We’ve taken all the confusion out of it to give you 7 foolproof rules to follow.


#1. Clean out that (emotional) closet

Make sure you’re free, open and ready to meet someone new! Being in the right frame of mind will open you up to new opportunities. Nobody wants to hear about your ex-boyfriend and how you’re in a lengthy legal battle to secure custody of your pet chihuahua, Coco.


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#2. Have fun with it

Don’t approach every date as a potential interview for a life partner. It’s not that deep! Dress to impress in your latest killer PLT outfit and let yourself have fun and enjoy the experience. Maybe he’ll be great and things will blossom. Maybe his sweaty handshake and mismatched socks will be a deal killer. Either way, enjoy!


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#3. Textual healing

Somewhere along the line in life, it became cool and the done thing to take longer and longer to text back.

FACT: in 2018 on average we wait 3 years for a response.

OK, so not really. It just feels like it.

You sent him a text. He took an hour to read and respond. So naturally, you need to take 2 hours to read and respond yes? NO. Don’t fall into the trap of text games. Just message him when you can/want and show him you’re the confident girl that you are *insert hair flick*.



#4. Online “research” is a must

So yes, it’s completely normal to cyber stalk him a bit. Totally go through his mums Facebook. Check if you’ve been with any of his Facebook friends.

You’re just not allowed to bring up any of your findings on the dates. Or add his ex-girlfriend on Instagram. Just no. Stay subtle girl.


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#5. Relationship or Situationship?

You think you’re making ground with him but then he starts following a new girl on Instagram, liking her pics and tagging her in all the LOL memes that were once solely for you. How dare you, hun. The modern dating lines are blurred and he’s keeping his options open. But this isn’t a bad thing. It gives you both time to make sure you get to know each other well and stay open to opportunities.

If it’s a good match you’ll naturally come together in the end.

Just make sure you don’t end up in a Situationship where you have all the girlfriend duties but without the title. That’s a no-no.


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#6. Ghosting doesn’t just happen at Halloween

Date three went ah-mazing. He’s funny, he’s cute, he’s got great hair. You start to daydream about your life together (we all do it) and all the Instagram worthy holidays you could go on. But stop right there! He’s gone. That’s right, he’s a ghoster. He ignores your last text. You even double text only to see two blue ticks staring back at you. He’s not only gone offline, but he’s also gone from your life.

We don’t really know why they do it but it’s unfair for him to make you silently suffer. Focus your attention on someone mature who shows you the respect you deserve girl. Or call Ghostbusters. Either way is cool. Just don’t gather your friends in a circle and try to summon the ghost. He’s not actually dead.


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While we’re on the subject of ghosts – shop killer Halloween looks here.


#7. Stay Classy

Sometimes it just doesn’t work out and its best to be the grownup one and call it a day. Let him know what you’re thinking so you can both move forward. Otherwise, you’ll inevitably bump into him at brunch when you’re hungover, sporting a greasy hair bun and wearing a stained hoodie. Karma really is a killer.


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Whether you find the one or you find the one of many. Dating should be fun and a way for you to step out your comfort zone and find out exactly what you’re looking for and exactly what you’re not. Share your funny stories, your views, ideas and experiences to let them know you’re a certified 10/10!


Happy Dating xox

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