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7 Times North West Was All Of Us

15 | 06 | 2018

North West may only be 5 years old, but there is no doubt she has got more sass than any of us. Let’s face it, with Kim K’s feisty attitude and her Daddy’s IDGAF attitude, they have produced an absolute diva that is little Northy and we love it.


7 Times North West Was All Of Us

In celebration of Nori’s 6th birthday, we’ve rounded up our 7 top moments of when North was seriously relatable. where she describes our lives down to a T.


#1 When your mate suggests after work drinks are you’re more than ready to demolish a few cocktails.



#2 When the hangover hits the next day and you have to deal with work and real life and you just CAN’T.


North West Sxsw GIF by mtv


#3 When you’ve been on your diet for a whole 6 hours so you REALLY deserve to treat yourself.



#4 When you were doing some serious Instagram snooping and accidentally double-tapped.



#5 When your bestie goes to the toilet in the club without and then you need it as soon as shes back. Betrayal!


#6 When the guy you weren’t interested in you let buy you a drink comes to find you and you have to grab your pals and make a swift getaway.


#7 When you’ve had way too many drinks in the club and are finding yourself hilarious and your friends (or worse, the bouncers) have decided to escort you out.

Happy Birthday, North!

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