08 | 12 | 2014

The Little Black Dress is a style staple and should not be ignored this party season. Always a classic, you can mix it up, dress it down, and really make it your own. Here’s our LBD inspiration for the winter season!

58902748859 tumblr_nfvy4lmGNh1skelofo1_500 Its hard to go wrong by emulating Audrey Hepburn. Cool websites where to buy? . like my pins? like my boards? follow me and I will follow you unconditionally and share you stuff if its pretty and cute :D http:www.pinterest.c in-schedule_16 tumblr_nd8kll7uMk1qd92m4o1_1280 Valentino perfection. #fashion #beautiful #pretty Please follow  repin my pinterest. Also visit my blog search sample-sale-reserved-for-kristy 104636169489

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