15 | 06 | 2016

Got what to pack sorted but aren’t sure what to do with your beauty regime? Combat festival bed head with our round up of our favourite field friendly hacks and tips you need to consider to keep your tresses looking good all the way through to day five.


Powerful plaits


Nothing keeps the grease at bay that all over braids that keep your hair off your face. The ultimate saviour to not being able to shower.

Flower power


Hide any greasy roots or tent head frizz with a flower crown. Opt for a cooler take on flower garland norm with a witchy all black style.

Go fuss free


Dancing all day (and night) under the sun can take its toll on your hair. A fuss free slicked back pony is the no nonsense hair do of a professional festival go-er.

Glitter roots


Get creative with how to hide greasy roots and pile the glitter on for an on-point festival look that looks good and serves a practical purpose.

Barely there braids


The hair around your face tends to get dirty the quickest. Combat this by fashioning skinny plaits here and there by for a beachy surfer girl meets hippie vibe.

Embrace the tent head


Let your tresses go free and embrace the festival tent head. Nothing gives you that messy textured look than roughing it in a tent for a few days.

Top tips:

– Dry shampoo is your best friend. No seriously.

– Remember to pack a scrunchie. Maybe two in case you lose one.

– Throw on a hat to cover a multitude of (greasy) hair sins as you near the final day.

– Similarly, pack a hair scarf to protect your hair from the sun and double as cover up for bad hair days.

Do it yourself:



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