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Best Couples Halloween Costumes

15 | 10 | 2018

Anyone else guilty of pretty much spending the whole of October browsing the net looking for the best of the best Halloween costumes to top last years. Finding just one Halloween costume can be hard enough, but if you’re doing this as a duo then you’ll need a beyond perfect pair – of costumes that is. Luckily, that’s where we come in.

Best Couples Halloween Costumes

Whether you’re doing Halloween with your significant other of your BFF, here’s our round-up of our fave iconic duos.


Paris and Nicole

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Nothing screams iconic like the duo of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie in their party girl heyday. rocking their all denim suit with the low belts and sassy mini bags. Get all your girls on the floor crying at how lit you and your bestie are going to look in this outfit!


J.Lo and P. Diddy

An iconic moment in celebrity coupledom we were sad to see end. This his and hers white look rocked by J.Lo, when she was in her “Jenny from the block” phase, and P. Diddy was all kinds of white hot.


Cher and Dionne

10/10 goals when it comes to the Clueless doll’s. Is there anything better than not only looking like these two on Halloween but also having a re-wearable outfit? Winner winner.


Romy and Michele

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It may be old skool but is still just as legendary. If you want to stun everyone at the party but still feel hella cute and sassy then this is the duo outfit for you.


Britney and JT

Image result for justin and britney denim

The one and only: Britney and JT in their all denim look. This outfit would look so killer as a costume and is the prize-winning costume for us.


Thelma and Louise

The most badass BFF friendship any girl could hope to be part of. This one’s for all you loyal AF ride or die bishes out there. Plus, his look is hella easy. Don’t tell us you haven’t got these outfits hanging around in your wardrobe already.




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