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Boohoo Group Partners With CottonConnect

01 | 04 | 2022


Reimagining the future for supply chains.


Boohoo Group Partners With CottonConnect


We are proud to announce we’ve worked with CottonConnect over the past year to train 2,500 cotton farmers in Pakistan on more sustainable cotton production and good business practices.


Creating a more transparent supply chain which allows the business to trace the cotton used to make their customers favourite garments back to the village they were grown in.




Look out for the REEL cotton products in our ‘Ready for the Future’ range. When you see this, you will know that the cotton from which the garment is made, can be traced back to the village in Pakistan. Those farmers are working hard to use water more efficiently, care for the health of the soil and the natural habitat, reduce the use of the most harmful chemicals and apply principles of fair and decent work.


From farm to fabric?

Cotton is a crop that is farmed in countries around the world. The farmers we worked with are based in Pakistan.

After picking the crop, the cotton is cleaned using a process called ginning. After ginning, the lint cotton is transported to the spinner where it is spun into yarn. Yarn is then woven into fabric and dyed. Finally, the fabric is made into the final garment ready for you to buy.




Who is CottonConnect?

CottonConnect is an organisation that has supported and trained farmers in seven countries on more sustainable cotton production techniques. They want to support a sustainable, traceable and transparent supply chain of cotton. They have trained over 500,000 farmers through their training programmes and the trained farmers have seen a 36% increase in profits and an 11% boost in the cotton yield. REEL cotton is not only good for the environment, it’s great for farmers too!


What do farmers learn and what are the benefits?

Through the training programme, farmers learn about the benefits of a more sustainable production methods, which the farmers themselves say produces a better yield and higher net income which allows them to give better education and health facilities to their children. When the team visited the farmers in Pakistan, they told us that in the first year of the programme honeybees have started returning to the cotton fields, providing them with another income…honey!


What’s the future of the programme?

We are at the beginning of our journey on TraceBale and more sustainable cotton. This is just the start!

Read more about CottonConnect onsite here.


Shop the looks for yourself!

REEL Cotton Plus Ash Grey Casual Joggers

57% Recycled Polyester. 43% REEL Cotton.

Recycled Plus Ash Grey Casual Jogger image 1

PRETTYLITTLETHING REEL Cotton Grey Oversized Sweat Hoodie

57% Recycled Polyester. 43% REEL Cotton.

PRETTYLITTLETHING Recycled Grey Oversized Sweat Hoodie image 1

REEL Cotton Plus Mocha Slim Sweat Pant Joggers

57% Recycled Polyester. 43% REEL Cotton.

Recycled Plus Mocha Slim Sweat Pant Joggers image 1

Shop more recycled products here.


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