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We’re always looking for new hairstyles to adopt, and if there’s one that makes us look street-chic spectacular with minimal fuss, then we are totally on board. That’s why we’re LOVING the braid parade. You can go uber 90’s with the double French plait, or go wild and add the texture by inverting the braid (Dutch plait, if you’re talking technical hair terms). For those of you who can pull off an entire head of braids, we salute you, and we are also very jealous (because we gave it a go, and we look more Monica from Friends in Barbados then Zoe Kravitz cool, *sob*).


We’ve got our braidspiration, and whether it’s a little hidden number or a full on french plait, we’ll be seriously working on our braiding skills this summer.








Blogger Tips

Fancy taking your braids one step further? Check out green-haired blogger Sophie Hannah Richardson, who shows us that it’s not just the ladies with the long hair who can work a braid and shows us how some glitter and hair rings can add a whole lotta sass to such a simple hair twist!

Sophie-Hannah-Richardson-Braids-2 Sophie-Hannah-Richardson-Braids

How To

The easiest way to incorporate these braids is through the simple french plait. Just separate your hair into sections depending on how many plaits you fancy. Then split each section into three and plait as normal. As you braid the hair, remember to continually add hair so that all of it gets plaited up!

If you want to go a step further and try out the dutch braid, just follow the same steps, but instead of threading the hair over, go under for that added volume to your plait!

If you’re feeling daring, remember to include #PrettyLittleThing in your Insta pics so we can see your braid parade!

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