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Good News Of The Week

15 | 01 | 2021

It’s been another tough week around the world as the pandemic continues. But, when in crisis, humanity has a habit of finding hidden joy. To help give you that Friday feeling, here are some positive stories you may have missed this week.

Good News Of The Week

Keep scrolling for some happy stories that we hope will make you smile, laugh, warm your heart and ultimately feel good.


The Hero Plumber

A father of six children, James Anderson has definitely been kept busy during the pandemic, where he has helped thousands of vulnerable families fix their heating and plumbing for free.

The 53 year old pledged to help the elderly and disabled people with their plumbing and heating “whatever the cost”. But he has since branched out during the pandemic to provide food parcels, PPE, and even paying bills for people.

Overall, Anderson has stated to have spent a whopping £57,000 during the pandemic alone—but added it was “worth every penny” if it kept people alive and warm.

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A True (Polar) Bear Hug

Grandparents who hadn’t hugged their grandsons since March shared a loving embrace, thanks to a bright idea to use inflatable polar bear costumes. Barbara and Clive Walshaw said the heartwarming hug was the “best six minutes” they had all year.

They got to hold their three grandkids Quinn, six, Morgan, eight, and Mackenzie, 14, for the first time since March 1, after surprising them with the costumes. The couple had been self-isolating and Barbara said it was heartbreaking for the children when they were told they couldn’t visit them for Christmas.

They had originally planned to spend Christmas “together” on a Zoom call with a laptop at the end of the dinner table. But the clever grandmother came across some inflatable polar bears while Christmas shopping online and realised she had found a way to hug her beloved grandchildren safely, on Christmas Day.

She said it was the “best £15 she’d ever spent” as it brought so much joy and a “pure Christmas spirit”.

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Sealed With a Wave

An adorable photo captured the moment a seal pup appeared to give a big wave to the camera as it lounged on an English beach in Norfolk. Photographer Wayne Havenhand says the seal’s gesture felt like “a personal moment” between himself and the animal. Wayne stated the seal lay there on the quiet beach for about half an hour, dozing off and then waking up and waving it’s flipper.

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