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Good News Of The Week

11 | 03 | 2022


Friday has finally arrived.


Good News Of The Week


With so much going on in the world ATM it can be hard to highlight the good.

It can be vital to step back for a second and soak in the good things happening no matter how big or small.


International Women’s Day

Tuesday 8th March celebrated IWD and how amazing is it to see strong women come together!

This International Women’s Day (and every other day), PrettyLittleThing are committed to stamping out the stigma that what you wear gives someone else the right to your body.


Want to find out more about the campaign?

International Women’s Day 2022


Rihanna’s Maternity ‘Fits

Sorry, now we knew Rihanna would obv look absolutely unreal pregnant but she has seriously brought it when it comes to serving maternity fashion and we are OBSESSED!



Bridgerton Trailer

Yesss, a sneak peak of season two has arrived and we simply can not wait.

The countdown to March 25th is officially ON!

Watch the full trailer here.

Bridgerton GIF by NETFLIX


Harry Styles Is Making A Music Comeback

And. It’s happening THIS month!

Do we even need to say anything else? We. Can’t. Wait.


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