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Insta-guide to IBIZA

30 | 03 | 2015

We’ve got those serious Summer vibes rolling in and where in the world screams Summer more then Ibiza? If you didn’t already know, we are currently running a competition to give for you and a pal the chance to win a trip to Ibiza!! Just click here to enter!

If you haven’t been, get yourself familiar, because it’s a destination you’re going to want to tick off your bucket list. For seasoned veterans and fresh-faced ibiza newbies, here’s our insta-guide to the White Isle and all its hidden (and well known) treasures!

Cafe Mambo

This iconic restaurant sits on the famous Sunset Strip in San Antonio and along with amazing daytime sets from some of your favourite DJ’s it also serves up some mean food and cocktails, as well as provides an absolutely unreal view of the Ibiza sunset as it goes down over the beach.  A true Ibiza experience that is not to be missed!

 Ibiza-instaguide-cafe-mambo-5 Ibiza-instaguide-cafe-mambo-4 Ibiza-instaguide-cafe-mambo-2 Ibiza-instaguide-cafe-mambo-3 Ibiza-Instaguide- Cafe-mambo-1

Bora Bora Beach

You have to get yourself over to Bossa and ready to party for the day (and way into the night) at Bora Bora beach. The fun here never ends and it’s always rowdy. Top tip: whack on the factor 50 before you go, because you will forget to re-apply during the day, and you don’t want to be the one red-faced for the rest of your holiday!

Ibiza-instaguide-bora-bora-beach-2 Ibiza-instaguide-Bora-Bora-Beach-3 Ibiza-Instaguide-Bora-Bora_beach-4 Ibiza-Instaguide-Bora-Bora-Beach-1

 Zoo Project

 Get ready to get wild. An all day party in what was once a zoo? How could you say no? Join the rest of the crowd and get your animal face paint at the ready. We’re all going to the Zoo!

Ibiza-Instaguide-Zoo-Project-4 Ibiza-Instaguide-Zoo-Project-3 ibiza-Instaguide-Zoo-Project-5 Ibiza-instaguide-Zoo-Project-2 Ibiza-Instaguide-Zoo-Project-6

Holi Garden Festival

Another day thing, but this time you get to throw paint while you party? Sign us up!

Ibiza-Instaguide-Holi-Garden-Festival-1 Ibiza-Instaguide-Holi-Garden-Festival-2 Ibiza-Instaguide-Holi-Garden-Festival-3


Fancy an Ibiza upgrade? If you’re lucky enough to stay in Ushuaia, we envy you, but if you’re not, never fear, you can still hit up their pool parties to see some of your fave DJs in serious style.

Ibiza-Instaguide-Ushuaia-1 Ibiza-Instaguide-Ushuaia-4 Ibiza-instaguide-Ushuaia-2 Ibiza-instaguide-Ushuaia-3


 Of course, you simply cannot return to the blustery isles of the UK and claim you even visited Ibiza if you haven’t made it to your fair share of super clubs (or all of them, if you’re feeling really adventurous…or slightly insane).

With simply too many to go through one by one, we’re sharing some of our faves, which include the Ibiza institutions; Space, Amnesia & Pacha, as well as the club scenes naughty little sibling, Sankeys Ibiza, and the always insane DC-10.

Each brings it’s own special something to the island, so be prepared (and make sure you’re wearing some seriously comfortable shoes) because these parties can go on for days!

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 17.20.47 Ibiza-Instaguide-Sankeys-2 Ibiza-instaguide-Space-1 Ibiza-Instaguide-Space-5 Ibiza-instaguide-pacha-5 Ibiza-instaguide-pacha-3 Ibiza-instaguide-Space-2 Ibiza-Instaguide-DC10-1 Ibiza-instaguide-DC10-2 Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 17.20.56 Ibiza-instaguide-Sankeys-4 Ibiza-instaguide-Space-4 Ibiza-Instaguide-Amnesia-1 Ibiza-Instaguide-Space-3 Ibiza-Instagram-Pacha-1 Ibiza-Instaguide-Sankeys-3 Ibiza-instaguide-pacha-4 Ibiza-Instaguide-Pacha-2 Ibiza-Instaguide-Sankeys-1

Ready to get onto that Island? Make sure you enter our Ibiza competition and get ready for the party of your life!

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