30 | 11 | 2016

We’re looking to the streets and taking inspo from the layer players who now how to nail the layering game when it comes to cold weather dressing. This is your masterclass in bossing layering. ’Cos warm is the new cool.


Hoodies are an easy way to slip in an extra layer under your outerwear. Luckily they’re also hella cool again. Talk about practical and on-point.


Be like Gigi and team oversized, chunky knit sweaters with layers of long shirts and leggings for an effortless look that says “I just threw this on”.


Belt up an oversized duster style coat. Keeps the warmth in and doubles as an on-point styling trick. What could be better?


If in doubt, double up. ‘Cos two coats are (obviously) definitely better than one when it comes to keeping warm. This is fool proof layering 101.


From scarves to knits, an easy way to incorporate warmth and style into your autumn attire is to opt for everything oversized to nail the ultimate layer player look. Hey if it works for the Olsen twins…


A chunky roll neck layered over a satin maxi dress is an easy go-to when you want to look luxe but keep warm. Get the neck high enough and no need to wear a scarf.

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Images sourced from Pinterest

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