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Life Hacks: How To Be Better With Money

06 | 07 | 2018

Find yourself relying on pennies before every payday? Girl, we feel your pain. Spending money is so much easier than saving it. So we’ve created this guide on how to save more and live a money stress-free life.

Life Hacks: How To Be Better With Money

Get clued up with some simple life hacks you can start working into your real life right now to get better with that hard earned dollar.


#1 BYO everything

Get creative at home with what you already have in the house or find some cheap meal prep ideas online, who said packed lunches had to be boring? Don’t just stop at lunch, make your morning tea/coffee at home instead of buying it from a cafe and bring in snacks to keep you going throughout the day. We know it’s effort prepping your whole week on a Sunday afternoon when you just want to chill, but it’s an insanely easy and helpful way to save.


#2 Limit yourself

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If you’re really serious about saving, limit yourself. Work out how much you’ll get paid, then your outgoing payments and then how much you want to save. Instead of being out every weekend, go out once a month and have a few nights in with the girls instead. Think to yourself, would my life really end if I didn’t buy the pair of shoes? If no leave them on the rail girl. PLT tip: using cash instead of card is perfect for budgeting yourself throughout the week.


#3 Sell old things

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Depop, eBay and Vintage are your new best friends. This task is time-consuming but it can be an excuse to your friends to not going out. Get together a pile of things that you want to sell, take some arty snaps and post them online. Make sure to take decent photos of what it is that your selling so that you’re getting your money worth and it’s worth a trip to the post office in peak hour.


#4 30 Day Rule

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Our biggest tip is to wait until the end of the month. When you’re thinking of buying something pricey, use the 30-day rule. If you still want it just as much after 30 days, treat yourself. 9/10 you’ll find that you no longer care about whatever it is you wanted. This rule eliminates spontaneous purchases made out of excitement and will help keep your bank balance healthy.

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