25 | 11 | 2014

Miley Cyrus celebrated her birthday bash this weekend, and we’ve scoped some of the pictures. Girl day-glowed her way straight into 22!

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With some serious rave attired and her new beau Patrick Schwazenneger she opened up her own “Miley’s Happyland” for everyone to enjoy. She even had an entire cake made to look like a pizza (drool).

In honour of her 22nd birthday, here’s some of our fave miley moments!


1. When she firmly set Hannah Montana aside and became the Miley we know and love today in the “We Can’t Stop” video.


2. When she really, truly abolished her alter ego with that performance of Blurred Lines and gave twerking the spotlight, which inevitably lead to it officially be declared a word and added to the dictionary by the big wigs over at the Oxford English Dictionary.


3. Who could forget her everpresent tongue? She even went as far as to slide down an inflatable version of it on her Bangerz world tour.


4. We obviously couldn’t leave out the fact she floated around every stadium on her tour on a giant hot dog.

Happy Birthday Miley, here’s to another year of your showstopping antics!

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