15 | 12 | 2015
PrettyLittleThing New Years Eve Partywear

It’s time to get turnt. There’s nothing we love more than a party, and we’re turning it up this season! Our resident PrettyLittleThing Bad Gals are taking on the New Year in the steeze to please with attitude to match. They’ve got the sass, and that’s why they’re our 7th and 8th BAE’s of Xmas!

Let our BAE’s show you how to be party perfect this season with their Do’s & Don’ts any party girl should live their life by!



If you want to be a BAE this Xmas stick to these party guidelines!

DO: Pull a Perrie – got an ex on your naughty list? Well show him what he’s missing in that killer dress

DON’T: upload too many passive aggressive ”LOOK HOW FLY I LOOK” Snapchat stories in order to directly show them this – you’ll just regret them when you watch it back in the morning!

Perrie Edwards Party

DO: Getcha groove on, I mean you’ve been practicing that Queen Bey choreography in front of the mirror long enough to let it loose.

DON’T: Throw in that Hotline Bling two step. Only Drake can pull that one off. Soz.


DO: Add that VIP edge where you turn up, ’cause your squad’s all you need for that glam life.

DON’T: Go full diva like Poppy Delevingne if you ain’t on that VIP list. That party’s dull without you anyway!

attends the British Fashion Awards 2015 at London Coliseum on November 23, 2015 in London, England.

DO: Up your style game. The more ‘grammable the outfit the better.

DON’T: Forget your selfy stick, I mean, it’ll be too late now to say sorry when that snap chance with Justin Bieber goes out the window.


DO: Flirt outrageously with BAE at the Christmas party, ’tis the season right?

DON’T: Chase them round with mistletoe. Not a good look.


DO: Layer on the accessories. Nothing says festive like a little extra glitter.

DON’T: Go too OTT. By OTT we mean Katie Price at a book launch OTT. Not cute.


DO: Add the glam! It’s your time to shine so perfect that pout, add some lash length, and strobe like a super.

DON’T: Overdo it. We get it, you want to be a Kardashian, but put the contour kit DOWN. (Wanna find out how to contour like Kylie without going that step too far? check our tutorial here!)


DO: Update your insta with that fine-ass outfit pic you took earlier.

DON’T: Spend all night updating your social media with every step you take. No one needs to know about that third glass of champagne.

3rd Glass of Champagne

 DO: Wear something sassy that makes you feel a million dollars.

DON’T: Wear something too revealing. We know you followed Kendall’s lead and went for that nipple piercing, but no one needs a nip slip this festive season.


DO: Be yourself! You’re a straight babe any time of day, OWN IT.

DON’T: Take on any dramz. Haters are gonna hate, just block ’em out with your shine!

Follow these trusty Do’s & Don’ts and you’ll sail through party season. Fancy some killer garms to go with that attitude? Check out partywear that will leave you looking fresh to death!

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