29 | 01 | 2015

We’ve been struggling through the bleak month that is January for what feels like forevz. Yeah, we know it’s only been 29 days, but we can’t wait for it to be over, or for payday, and for everyone to come out of their post-Christmas hibernation already.

Obviously, we’ve turned to our wardrobes to seek solace, and while we may not be able to afford more than the necessary basics, we can always jazz up our Christmas party dresses and breath new life into our post-Christmas style! Here’s some simple steps to turn that glittery NYE number into a killer chilled Saturday outfit.

Choose your party dress

Open back + sequin. Sexy, but elegant dress for a cocktail party, or a night out at the casino! sample-sale-reserved-for-kristy mW6KsfTczEc

Whatever you’ve got in your wardrobe, you can make it work.

Choose your Shoes

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Be careful. Try no heels, and a shoe that clashes with the dress to make sure you nail the off-duty look.

Layer it

slide16 25 best-of-2011-london-fashion-week-faves 150868

Adding a jumper, jacket, beanie, cardigan, and anything that screams casual will help you complete the look!

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