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Royal Trend Report

29 | 11 | 2022


Ranking the most stylish female royals of all time!

Kate Middleton, Princess Diana or Meghan Markle who is the most stylish royal? We’ve analysed their royal fashion, hair and makeup to find out.


The Royal Style Trend Report: Who has the best royal style of all time?

From Diana’s iconic ‘Revenge Dress’ to Queen Elizabeth’s famously bright co-ords, the Royals have always inspired us with their looks.

We have created our very own royal style trend report ranking the most influential royal fashion, hair and makeup moments from the royal family and crowning the most stylish royal once and for all.

So who is the queen when it comes to style? We’ve analysed Google search trends and TikTok hashtag views to find out who is the most stylish, most duped and most searched for member of the royal family.



Who has the best royal fashion?

Although the royal family have rules and etiquettes to follow, this hasn’t stopped them from making stand-out fashion statements throughout the decades and defining their own style through their iconic wardrobe choices.

Thanks to shows like The Crown we are being reintroduced to time-honoured royal fashion moments, meaning we are able to take inspiration from looks that were ahead of our own eras.

From Diana’s 90’s athleisure looks to Meghan Markle’s classic take on modern trends, the royals have always let their personalities shine through their clothing.

But the question remains… Who is the most stylish royal?


Kate Middleton is the most stylish royal

Ranking as the most stylish royal is Kate Middleton!

The Princess of Wales had a huge 8,322,577 engagements from articles referring to her style, outfits and overall fashion, proving that Kate Middleton officially has the most sought-after style out of the whole Royal Family.


Princess Diana’s popular pieces

Following Kate Middleton is Princess Diana in second place.

Most famously known for her ‘Revenge Dress’ after Charles’ affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, Diana’s style is used as inspiration to this day and there are 4,550,834 article engagements to prove it!


Queen Elizabeth’s iconic co ords

In third place is the late Queen Elizabeth.

Known for her brightly coloured co-ords, Queen Elizabeth’s style was always easy to spot and clearly caught the eye of the public with a massive 2,159,565 article engagements related to her style.


Princess Beatrice ranks fourth

Following Queen Elizabeth is Princess Beatrice in fourth place. Daughter of Prince Andrew, Beatrice has always been at the forefront of the media for her stylish but classic fashion looks, with 233,719 article engagements around her style it is clear to see the public want to be kept up to date on this Princess’s latest looks.


Meghan Markle’s style isn’t spoken about enough…

Lastly is Meghan Markle in seventh place. The Duchess of Sussex has had her fair share of iconic fashion moments but being a newer member of the royal family only has 5045 article engagements referring to her style, but we have no doubt she has many more to come!


(Online engagement for articles referencing the words style, outfits and fashion for each royal member)


kate middleton GIF


The most iconic royal outfits revealed

From Diana’s revenge dress to Kate Middleton’s wedding dress which iconic pieces of royal fashion broke the internet?

Using Google search volumes we’ve ranked which royal fashion items have been the most influential.


Kate Middleton’s wedding dress is the most iconic royal fashion piece

Coming in as the most searched for royal outfit is Kate Middleton’s wedding dress with 60,500 average monthly searches.

Designed with Sarah Burton of Alexander Mcqueen, the Princess of Wales dress was a showstopper.

Boasting delicate lace sleeves, a deep V-neck and a long train, this dress got everyone talking!


Megan Markle’s timeless gown

Next up on the list is Meghan Markle’s wedding dress with 49,500 average monthly searches!

The Duchess of Sussex’s wedding dress was designed by Clare Waight Keller of Givenchy Fashion House.

The dress was simple and timeless, it was a floor-length dress with an off-the-shoulder boat neckline.


The Revenge Dress

In third place is the famous ‘Revenge Dress’ worn by Diana to a dinner at the Serpentine gallery the same night Charles admitted to his affair.

This dress was a last-minute decision made by Diana as she wanted to feel and look her best after the announcement.

Now, this dress is named the ‘Revenge Dress’ and has 40,500 average monthly searches!

If you have just come out of a recent relationship and you want to get your revenge then we have our very own ‘Revenge Dress’ dupe for you!

Feminine, velvet and off-the-shoulder this dress will have your ex begging for you back or at least having major regrets!


Black Velvet V Bar Bardot Drape Ruched Midi Dress image 1Black Velvet V Bar Bardot Drape Ruched Midi Dress image 3


Diana’s wedding dress follows in fourth place.

Diana’s wedding dress was the most anticipated part of her wedding to Charles and when the day came Diana’s dress barely fit in the royal coach, talk about making an entrance!

The dress has 9,900 average monthly searches and we can see why.


The most searched for royal hairstyles

It’s no secret the royals have fabulous hair but which royal family member has the most enviable hair?


Kate Middleton is the queen of royal hair

Unsurprisingly Kate Middleton’s voluminous hair is the most searched for with 14,800 average monthly searches!

More specifically ‘Kate Middleton updo’ has 1000 average monthly searches, so it is clear to see Kate’s signature undone updo is in high demand.


The Iconic Bob

In second place is Princess Diana’s hair with 9,900 average monthly searches, the public are clearly eager to know how to get the people’s princess’ signature bob.


Next up is Meghan Markle’s effortless waves with 6,600 average monthly searches for her hair!

In particular ‘Meghan Markle hair extensions’ has 1,600 average monthly searches, the public is evidently envious of her luscious locks but from research, Meghan’s hair stylist says he has never used hair extensions on the Duchess of Sussex!



The royal with the most influential style

Want to dress like a royal? You’re not the only one – the royals are some of the most influential women in the fashion world.

Dupes are a popular way of getting their looks for less, whether you’re wanting Meghan Markle’s wedding dress to stealing Kate Middleton’s day to day style, there are lots of affordable options out there.

We’ve done some digging to find out who is the most ‘duped’ member of the Royal Family and which outfits people are on the lookout to steal.


Kate Middleton has the most influential royal style

In first place as the most duped Royal is Kate Middleton.

Searches for ‘Kate Middleton dupe’ are at 14,686 on average per month so it is clear to see Kate’s wardrobe is in demand!

Creators have recently taken to finding dupes for the elegant bardot dress worn for the Top Gun Maverick Premiere and we can see why!


Meghan Markle’s Classic Wardrobe

The second most ‘duped’ royal is Meghan Markle with 2,397 average monthly searches!

Meghan Markle has always been renowned for her simple yet chic wardrobe and in particular, her cape coats have gone viral recently with the media searching high and low for the perfect dupe!


The favourite Diana dupes

In third place is Princess Diana. The term ‘Princess Diana dupe’ has 420 average monthly searches and we are certain this is down to her iconic ‘Revenge Dress’.

The hashtag #revengedress has gained 111 million views on Tik Tok with content creators showing dupes they have found for Diana’s famous dress!


princess diana wedding GIF


The most popular royal jewellery

The royals have an extensive collection of jewels passed down through generations and we are feeling nosy, so we have not only found out the most searched-for royal jewellery but also the price of each piece!


As seen in the crown!

Coming in as the most searched-for piece of royal jewellery is Princess Diana’s engagement ring with 14,800 average monthly searches.

Inspired by a sapphire brooch given by Prince Albert to Queen Victoria, Diana’s blue ring was given to Kate Middleton by Prince William as her engagement ring and something blue for her wedding.

Valued at around £350,000 we can see why this piece of jewellery is the most searched-for piece.


Kate Middletons state dinner piece

Next up is the Lovers Knot tiara with 3,600 average monthly searches.

Recently worn by Kate Middleton to a state dinner at Buckingham Palace, the Lovers Knot tiara originally belonged to Queen Mary in 1913 and is made up of 19 hanging pearls and diamonds set in silver and gold.

The Tiara is said to be worth 1.5 million pounds and is allegedly so heavy that Princess Diana said it gave her a headache when wearing it!


Diana’s favourite Tiara

After this is another Tiara, the Spencer Tiara! This piece has 1,000 average monthly searches and is worth around £400,000!

The tiara was a family heirloom of Princess Diana’s and is said to have been one of her favourite pieces of jewellery, she even wore it on her wedding day.



The most in demand royal beauty routines

With Kate Middleton’s fluffy brows and Meghan’s youthful glow, we all want to know the royal’s beauty secrets!

That’s why we have delved deep into Google search trends to find out whose beauty routine is the most in demand.


The Princess of Wales make-up routine

Kate Middleton has the most in-demand beauty routine, with 6,600 average monthly searches!

Kate’s flawless skin and bushy eyebrows have had the British public envious ever since her first appearance.

Even though Kate did her own wedding makeup, we still wanted to know what she used on her special day.

With searches for ‘Kate Middleton wedding makeup’ gaining 1000 average monthly searches!


Megan Markle’s face make up

Next up is Meghan Markle with 4,400 average monthly searches for her beauty routine!

The Duchess of Sussex’s wedding makeup was particularly sought after, with 1300 average monthly searches for ‘Meghan Markle wedding makeup’.

Meghan has always been known for her glowy skin that’s so natural you can often see her freckles poking through!


The iconic blue liner

After this is Princess Diana with the third most in demand beauty routine.

Most known for her iconic blue eyeliner, searches for ‘Princess Diana makeup’ are at 1900 on average per month and we can only expect to see this increase with the release of The Crown season 5.


royal wedding GIF by BBC


The Most Influential Royal Events For Fashion

From Royal Weddings to the Platinum Jubilee, we all come together to celebrate royal events but which one is the most popular for fashion?


Royal weddings 

Unsurprisingly Royal weddings have ranked as the most popular royal event for fashion, with 645,540 online articles on the topic.

Seeing the wedding dress and the celebrity guests outfits, we definitely have wedding fever when it comes to the royals!


Coronation looks

Next up is the Royal Coronation, with jewels that sparkle through the TV screen we can see why this topic has 628,655 online articles!

After this is the Royal Ascot with 60,209 online articles.

If you’re looking for formal fashion inspiration for your next trip to the races then look no further, the Royal Ascot has all the top hats, fancy dresses and over the top fascinators you could ever want!


Queen Elizabeth GIF by Madman Films


Want to have your own royal fashion moment? Take a look at our own occasion dresses fit for a queen!


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