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Shade Or Praise

05 | 07 | 2019

Check out what we’re lovin’ and loathing this week.

The only weekly round-up you need to check what’s hot and what certainly is not. 

Love Island Spoilers

Stop telling us about it. Stop telling us your theories. Just stop.

Some of us are saving episodes for a marathon pyjama weekend binge.

Image result for love island gif


Public Transport

It’s Summer so it’s hot, sticky and generally gross.

Dust of that bike!

bike falling GIF


Music Drama

Taylor Swift is furious at producer Scooter Braun, apparently.

The feud goes back and forth but ultimately the fans just want new music and a sassy video.

Sort it out, lads.

frustrated blank space GIF by Taylor Swift


Glasto Best Bits

So much dreamy content to look back on.

Stormzy being a true highlight along with pop legends Kylie and Janet.

Image result for stormzy glasto gif


Victoria & David’s 20 Year Anniversary

The power-couple extraordinaire have been married for 20 YEARS.


Image result for posh n becks


Ice Cream

Why not? it’s hot innit.

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