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Shade or Praise

23 | 08 | 2019

Check out what we’re loving and loathing in this week’s round-up.


Cold August

It’s the last full month of Summer but it’s felt far from it.

This rain and breeze combo meal deal is NOT OK.

Mother Nature needs a chill (or warm-up) pronto.

cold cardi b GIF


Makeup Destruction

People are melting/blow torching their makeup and smushing it together to see what results they get.

Just no.

fair make up GIF by Betsy


Bank Lolidays

It’s the last bank holiday before Christmas!

Get out there and pardaaaaay.

excited dance party GIF


Manchester Pride


We’re excited to party and celebrate equality in PLT’s hometown.

We’ll also be in the parade so look out for us and you might even get a special pressie!

jimmy fallon love GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Have a lovely weekend, honeys x


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