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Sustainable Fashion Tips

27 | 07 | 2021


Ready to shop sustainably but not quite sure how? We got you!


Sustainable Fashion Tips


Whilst we all want to do more for the planet, it can be hard figuring out just how to shop sustainably that will actually make a difference. Today we are sharing a guide to help when it comes to sustainable fashion, from what to look out for whilst shopping to ways that will help your fave wardrobe pieces last even longer.


Repair Before You Replace

Try to repair any small rips, holes, buttons etc. instead of buying a similar item. You could always drop by your local dry cleaners or tailors and ask them to help if you don’t feel confident doing this yourself.



There is nothing wrong with outfit repeating! In fact, this is one of the easiest ways to do your bit.

Here are three simple tips to help you:

When buying new clothes try to think of at least three outfits for each piece. Could you wear that dreamy new top with jeans for brunch, styled with a skirt for drinks then dressed down for work?

Invest in tran-seasonal clothing. Items you can wear from season to season. You know the vibe – blazers, denim, basics and oversized pieces.

Feeling really stuck on whether to make a purchase? Cora Hilts, founder of luxury sustainable platform Reve en Vert asks the ultimate deciding question – “Would you want to run into an ex in the garment?”  We are pretty sure that will answer the question of if you should make the purchase or not!


Shop Secondhand

An easy way to shop sustainably is to buy from vintage or charity shops! Remember – do not limit yourself when it comes to secondhand shopping. Check out the menswear department for oversized pieces such as boxy blazers. Be sure to look out for any denim items that you could easily rework and upcycle. Spot a pair of jeans that you love the colour of but hate the shape? Cut em’ up – frayed denim cut offs incoming..


Swap It!

Eyeing up one of your besties dresses that she has only worn once? Why not pitch a clothes swap with your BFF’s. Waste not want not doll! Similar to this, check out socials for any swap shops that might be happening in your area.


Recycle Your Old Clothing

We really do have you covered on this one! Meet the reGAIN app, turn your unwanted clothes into discounts to get cash off your next Pretty Little Thing purchase. Read more about how to use the ReGAIN app here.

Other ways to recycle your old garms would be listing them to resell online (just remember you might need to stand in the post office queue for this one).

Donating to your local charity shop is a feel-good way to recycle your old items. Pick a charity that is close to your heart and feel assured you’ve done your bit to help out.


Watch Your Wash

Greenpeace have reported that up to 80% of a garments total environmental impact is actually from laundering! Luckily, there are many tips to help in reducing this:

Opt for a natural detergent.

Ensure each wash is a full load.

Reduce the washing machine temperature, simply lower this from 40° to 30°.

Try to avoid tumble drying – if you can dry outside then do.

Invest in a mesh laundry bag – this goes in with your washing and prevents tiny microplastics from entering our water systems.

When it comes to denim, wash your items inside out. This will ensure they’ll last even longer – big yes to keeping your fave jeans fresh AF!

Keep your whites white by swapping out fabric detergent for a warm water and lemon mix. Doing this occasionally will mean no need to repurchase your basics time and time again.

Ditch the iron, investing in a steamer is a quick and easy alternative plus it will mean no damaging those delicates.


Be sure to check out even more sustainability tips here!

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