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The Friends Inspired Outfits We Would Totally Wear Today

12 | 03 | 2019

Friends is hands down the greatest sit com of all time. We all still watch the 6 of them now (thanks to Netflix) so the age-old question were they on a break, lives on. But more importantly, the fashion in Friends is AMAZING. Running from 1994 to 2004, we have a decade of iconic and unforgettable outfits that they wore and we are still loving them and replicating them today.


The Friends Inspired Outfits We Would Totally Wear Today

Rachel’s Oriental Inspired Dresses

Rachel wore at least 3 oriental style dresses during the 10 years of Friends and we LOVE them.

The mandarin collar in a short sleeve design are so beautiful and it’s a style we’re all still obsessing over today.




Ross’ Slogan Tee’s

Both the boys and girls had a series of slogan tee’s throughout the 236 episodes, including the famous ‘Frankie Says Relax’ that Rachel borrowed from Ross when they were together.


Silk Dresses

The satin dress trend has been popular for the last couple of years, right? Wrong, it was also popular back in the 90’s and the girls OWNED them.


Tea Dresses

All the girls rocked the ditsy tea dress in the early series of Friends, perfect for the New York summers.. (even though we know it was filmed in LA).

Still the perfect summer go-to almost 20 years on!


Sports Sweatshirts

Even though Joey’s catchphrase was ‘how you doin’ his iconic piece was his New York Knicks sweater. All the cast wore sports sweatshirts from time to time and it’s still a staple piece in our wardrobes today.


Knotted Shirts

All the girls loved to turn their shirts into crop tops, it’s a look that was seen early on in the series towards the end of the 90’s. We’re still here for this trend and we love it!





Tartan made an appearance in the girls’ wardrobes throughout Friends, in the form of skirts, dresses, trousers and leggings and it’s a style that isn’t for everyone.. But it’s iconic and we love it.

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