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The Ultimate SLAYlist

24 | 08 | 2017
ultimate playlist

Here at PLT we are always wanting our gals to feel confident and empowering. If you’re feeling down about your recent break up or maybe you just wanna feel seriously fierce (like errrrrrrrday), then we’re fixing you up with the #ULTIMATE playlist. Pop on your fave outfit and all things that glitter because you’re gonna be twerkin’ and hair flippin’ when we’re bringing those sassy feels.


The Ultimate Playlist


#1 Run The World (Girls) – Beyonce

Let’s be honest, no matter what mood your in right now there is no way that Beyonce isn’t gonna make you wanna get up and flick your hair around. The queen of them all is gonna get the attitude flowin’. Seriously girl, wave that fuckboy goodbye because you are an independent lady & at the end of the day, who runs the world? ….

 beyonce run the world who run the world who run this motha GIF

#2 Hey Girl – Lady Gaga Ft. Florence Wench

Up next are two of the most controversial women in the music industry, Lady Gaga and Florence Wench. Not their usual kinda stuff but we are loving those empowering vibes. Letting women know someone always got their back and creating that strong connection between friends, this track is defo one to sing to your best gals.


#3 A Woman’s Worth – Alicia Keys

If you’re ever feelin’ down or worthless (you sure ain’t girl), take some time to listen to this #GOLDIE. Alicia Keys knows how to make a woman know her worth, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Get your vocal cords ready because your gonna be belting this one out!

#4 Let Me Blow Your Mind – Eve ft Gwen Stefani

It’s inevitable when this next song comes on your gonna do both parts. First you’re gonna start rappin’ like EVE, then in with vocal from style icon Gwen Stefani. This upbeat song is defo giving us those strong feels. Now let this song blow your mind.


 gwen stefani eve gwen stefani fyag eve fyag GIF

#5 Miss Independent – Kelly Clarkson

If you wanna become Miss Independent then Kelly Clarkson is your girl. It takes you through a journey that every girl has experienced… falling in love. Not your usual love song, but an empowering & positive take on one. So girls, if your happy and in love give this one a listen. If your not, it is still a great song that you can simply sing along too. We love it!

#6 Girl – Destiny’s Child

Queen B is back on the SLAYlist with the most influential girlband of all time. The girls who practically invented SLAY. This is defo a song to belt out on the Karaoke to your main gals. We need this strong, encouragement girl so,  if a f*ck boy ever hurt you or your friends, you know you got each others back, always. Destiny’s Child bonding friendships since 2004 #HELLYEAH

 music video beyonce super child destiny GIF


#7 That’s My Girl – Fifth Harmony

Be proud of your girlfriends! I’m sure every girl has pointed at their friends with a strong feeling of support and said ‘That’s my girl’

#8 Bad Girls – M.I.A

This one’s for the bad gals… this song is so full of sass it defo had to be on the SLAYlist. The beat to this song is enough to encourage any girl to be as sassy as ever. It was even featured on Gossip Girl, the series we just cannot stop watching!


 queen princess leighton meester gossip girl blair waldorf GIF


The list could go on for daaaaaaaaaaays and there are so many songs to make you feel fierce and sassy. Pop on the SLAYlist girl, flick your hair and get ready for your night out in style. Remember one thing, make sure you #SLAY

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