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The Weekly Dose

27 | 11 | 2017
weekly dose

It’s that time again, babes! We’re back with your weekly dose, putting you ITN every Monday. Looking for the hottest celeb goss and the 411 on all the drama!? Girl, you’re in the right place. This is everything you NTK, and then some.

The Weekly Dose

meghan & harry

Meghan + Harry 4ever (IDST)

Firstly, a lil’ bit of breaking news. Prince Harry has announced his engagement to the gorge Meghan Markle! We’re super stoked for another royal wedding and we have two questions.. what will Meghan’s dress be like? And most importantly – will we get a day off work?

john legend, chrissy teigen and luna legend

Lil’ Legend Baby

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen AKA the worlds coolest parents (soz mum + dad) have announced they’re expecting a new addition to the fam in what is quite possibly the cutest announcement we’ve ever seen. Chrissy posted a video of little Luna pointing to her stomach and saying ‘baby’ and honestly, we’re SO ready for a second Legend babe. Our money is on a boy – what do you think? Tweet us!

tom hardy

Bae got Insta!

And finally, here’s some news that plenty of PLT baes have been going crazy for (Chorley we’re lookin’ at you).. get ready to get your phone out. Tom Hardy has insta! Yep, our fave #MCM candidate is grammin’ it up. You can follow him at @tomhardy. YOU’RE WELCOME.

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