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02 | 10 | 2017
weekly dose

Looking to stay woke, but think the news is hella boring? We got you, girl. This is everything you NTK, and then some.

The Weekly Dose

heidi and spencer pratt

Oh hey, Gunner Pratt!

Everyone’s fave controversial trash TV couple Speidi (that’s Heidi & Spencer Pratt for those of you who don’t know) have announced the birth of their lil’ angel, Gunner Stone Pratt. The Hills couple have already confirmed that they’ve locked in all of his social media, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, with Heidi confirming he ‘won’t need a Snapchat because he will have Instastories’ – wow, soz Snapchat. Savage. Oh, and as if Gunner isn’t prepared enough to become the tiniest social media star on the planet, Spencer has revealed that he has already been bought an iPhone 8. Absolute insanity – fancy buying us an iPhone 8, Spence babes?

balenciaga crocs

Balenciaga Debuts Platform.. Crocs?

Once known as the ugly shoes you’d take your rubbish out to the bins in, or maybe even the ugly shoes your Auntie has but you wouldn’t DREAM of touching, Crocs seem to be having a moment RN. Yep, we’re experiencing a lil’ bit of shock too, we ain’t gonna lie. But hear us out here, there are limitless customisation options and with the added platform heel, we’re feelin’ all kinds of 90s vibes. Baby Spice in Buffalos, we’re lookin’ at you. Balenciaga – it’s a maybe from us.

pussycat dolls gif

Pussycat Dolls REUNITE

Okay, so we’re SUPER excited about this one. There’s been rumours swirling that the ultimate girl gang band are set to reunite in the very near future. We miss the days of dancing along to ‘Dont’cha’ and actually thinking we were sexy (LOL). Apparently, the girls had beef with each other but they’ve all decided to come together in the spirit of forgiveness and relive their glory days. Talk about girl code. Now can someone tell us where to get tickets!?

katie price and chris hughes

Katie Price’s Flirty Texts To Chris Hughes Exposed

And from a headline full of girl power, to a star that clearly needs to learn some girl code.. Apparently Katie Price has been sending flirty texts to Love Island hottie Chris Hughes, and the screenshots of these texts surfaced on Twitter this week. And when we say surfaced, we actually mean that they were posted by none other than Chris , the boy is a SAVAGE. You know how the old saying goes.. ‘if a boy is taken, maybe don’t ask him to go shooting with you’ .. at least we think it goes something like that.

Until next week, baes.

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