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Things to do on Mother’s Day

09 | 03 | 2018

If you’re a little bit on the laid-back side when it comes to plans and organising and are still drawing up a blank when it comes to what to do this Mother’s Day – don’t panic.

We’ve thrown together the ultimate things for your and your mama to do on her special day.


Whether the number one queen in your life wants to curl up and get cosy at home or spend the day out on the town, we’ve rounded up some ideas to help you out with the 7 best things to do on Mother’s Day.


#1 Boozy brunch

Babes who brunch? Let’s face it, you can’t beat a good brunch. Go all out and treat your mum to a traditional afternoon tea down the finger sandwiches and sweet treats vibe for an afternoon to remember. Bottom-less more you thing? Opt for an afternoon of endless cocktails and all-round good vibes.


#2 Girl’s Night In

The best bestie you’ll ever have? Your mum of course. So treat her like your number 1 girl on a girl’s night in. Get the naughty food in, open the wine or Prosecco, load up Netflix or a pile of your fave DVDs and get ready for some seriously quality bonding time at the ultimate sleepover.


#3 Do Your Bit

Your mama more the type who isn’t too fussed about being wined and dined and just appreciated the pleasure of your company? Get her to kick back and put her feet up while you tackle her no doubt lengthy list of chores for the day. Consider this you giving back and doing an overdue good deed of all the years she’s spent picking up after you. Hey, every little helps right?


#4 Road Trip

Get spontaneous. Pack your weekend or overnight bags and take an impromptu little road trip somewhere together. Make a car CD and get ready to belt out your fave power ballads together and have fun exploring a new city, or just generally chilling out and enjoying each other’s company.


#5 Shop ‘Til You Drop

Feeling some much needed retail therapy? Get your comfy shoes on and get ready to shop ’til you drop – or at least until your bank card has seriously had enough (you still got rent to pay you know). Plus, no one’s more honest than your mama when it comes to needing the honest truth about whether that dress you’re not 100% sure about suits you or not.


#6 Cook Something Together

Is you or your mum a dab hand in the kitchen? Give Mary Berry a run for her money with which of you can win the best bake-off, or have a go at that more complex recipe you haven’t dared try out on your own. Whether you compete against each other or team up, crack open a bottle of wine whilst you do it obv and let the good times roll.


#7 Have A Gilmore Girls Marathon

Come on. Is there literally anything in this world that screams mother-daughter bonding time than this? Lorelai and Rory Gilmore are endless goals and their love for each other will definitely get you and your own mama feeling the love and loving life.

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