11 | 01 | 2017

Remember being 13 and having your Mum arrange sleepovers? Remember how they just gradually stopped? We’ve been thinking about it, and this is totally not OK. We say bring back the slumber party – and look cute whilst doing it with a sleepover club worthy look that’s more luxe than lounge.

Reason(s) For

#1 – Now you’re an “adult”, a whole new world of snacks and drinks has opened up. Prosecco, wine ice cream, vodka gummy bears? YES. Although, don’t be too quick to throw those party rings away, they’re still pretty good.

#2 – Sleepovers are the one time it’s totally okay to turn up in the same outfit as someone else. In fact, it’s encouraged. If it’s good enough for the Hadid babes..


#3 – The adult version of discussing boys in your class is checking out local hotties on Tinder. Girl, he’s a definite 9 – swipe right.

#4 – You’ve done the walk of shame that many times, you’re practically an expert. Make like RiRi and accessorise with a glass of wine, and you’re good to go! Colour co-ordinated bodyguard optional.


Reason(s) Against

#1 – You don’t have any hella cute sleepwear to show off. Girl chill. We got you sorted with some of the the dreamiest garms around. Shop our top picks below:

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