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03 | 11 | 2014

Winged eyeliner has been a big hit with just about everyone ever. It can be sassy, it can be sexy,  it can be down-right bad if you let it and, possibly worst of all, getting your liner to look symmetrical is an absolute nightmare, normally you end up with one perfect flick and another that looks like you had a go at your makeup during a rather forceful earthquake.


The font of all makeup knowledge at PrettyLittleThing has given us tips (which we are graciously sharing with you lot) on how to get it right.


So, we now know where we’ve been going wrong for just about ever. Apparently, the most common eyeliner mistake happens to be drawing the flick too low, leaving you with droopy and tired looking eyes (explains a lot).


Step 1:

The trick is to start with the flick on clean eyes. Draw the bottom of the wing from the outer corner, aiming toward your eyebrow. We’re told gel liner with an angled brush provides the best results, but a lot of people find it easier with a pencil.

Cheeky tip: if you pencil it in first, you can follow the lines with a gel for a bolder colour and it’s a lot easier to get right!


Step 2:

Now draw the top of the flick, back down towards the lash line!

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 17.07.54

Step 3:

Draw an outline of the liner over your lash line next, starting from the inner corner to the outer!


Step 4:

Fill in the outlines and finish the look with lashings of mascara! Focus on the ends of the lashes to enhance those beautiful wings!


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