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10 Awkward Stages Of A First Date

04 | 08 | 2017


The dreaded first date… We work ourselves up so much and put ourselves under so much pressure for this moment.

A lot of us will avoid the dating scene because of the embarrassment and awkwardness we have experienced several times before.

You literally would rather die than go through with the awkward silences any longer.


We have all been there once or twice in those sorry single stages. Let’s all have a giggle at those moments we can all relate to.


#1 When he isn’t as tall as he said he was

If it’s a date you have arranged online or through a friend, the important question is ‘how tall are you?’, guys will always say ‘why does height matter?’ I’m sorry but if I rock up and I’m taller than you, that is immediately uncool. You can’t go cat fishing people with your height, it’s massively awkward.


#2 Because you are taller than him you realise he’s going bald

Nothing wrong with losing your hair but it’s just a shock to the system now that you’re shorter than me hun.


10 awkward stage of a date


#3 Noticing you’re actually broader than him

This is literally a girl’s nightmare. End of.


#4 When you know he’s only after one thing

The moment he drops a comment in there like ‘I’m just doing some me time at the moment’ OR ‘I’m not looking for anything serious’. Well you’re going home alone pal. I ain’t got time for time wasters!


Awkward stages of a date


#5 Bumping into people you know

If a first date isn’t awkward enough, bumping into people you know just makes it 100 times worse. Introducing a guy to your friends that you have only met once is not ideal. Pass me another spritz please!


#6 He doesn’t like to drink/ doesn’t get out much

I’m not saying you need to drink to have a good time but comeeeee onnnnn! A PLT girl loves to party, how can you have a successful first date without a couple of drinks. You’re young, you only live once!


Awkward stages of a date


#7 Drops himself as a serial Tinder dater

We’re all single here but it is slightly off putting when you’re taking a new girl out every weekend… Jeeeeeez think before you speak, some things are better left unsaid. What we don’t know won’t hurt us right? It’s only the first date.


#8 When the awkward questions drop… So why are you single then? How long have you been single? When was your last relationship? What are you looking for?

Do we really want to know? Is it really necessary conversation? Each to their own, still massively awks though…


Awkward stages of a date


#9 Finding out he’s only been single 2 minutes and you aren’t interested in being the rebound

Hmmmmmmmmm well that’s a shame. If you’re looking for more best swerving that ASAP.


#10 When you really aren’t feeling it and you need to tell him you’re leaving

Probably the most awks time of the date. Personally I think you can tell in the first 10 minutes whether you’re feeling something or not, slip it into convo straight away that you’re meeting a friend later, or get them to call you so you can have a quick escape.


Awkward stages of a date


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