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15 Gross Things That Girls Actually Do

08 | 10 | 2018

We might be looking on-point when we’re hitting the town or attending a brunch date with our besties but it’s no secret that us girls can’t be perfect princesses all of the time. These totally gross things happen in every dolls spare time and whether you like to admit it or not, we can probably guess that you do at least 10 out of the 15 things below…

15 Gross Things That Girls Actually Do

Your boyfriend could probably back us up when we say you totally do some of these…


#1 Not washing your bra for like a month

Your fave bra can’t be lingering around the washing basket right? You need that bra for EVERY occasion so there’s no time for washing. Nothing feels better than taking your bra off after a long day and nothing says gross than picking it up off the floor and putting it back on the next day.


#2 Forgetting to shave your armpits

That time you raised your hand in class whilst wearing a vest top and totally forgot about the fact you haven’t used a razor in forever.


Animated GIF


#3 And then smelling them to make sure they don’t stink

Your crush ain’t gonna fancy you if you’re stinking so make sure you’re using deodorant at all times doll.


#4 Washing your hair once a week

When your relationship with that dry shampoo is tight, there’s no time for washing your hair because drying it is some serious chore.


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#5 Putting clothes in the washing basket and then taking them out again

Because you would totally look good in that snake print dress today, oh well, you only wore it for a few hours it doesn’t count.


#6 Not washing your makeup brushes

Unless your some sort of professional MUA, you probably won’t wash your makeup brushes much. If you’re using it for the same product it shouldn’t matter right?


#7 Leaving your mascara on for a week

Until they eventually look like spiders legs, okay this is actually pretty gross.


stinky GIF by Charm Ladonna

#8 Plucking your ‘tash

You can’t be kissing boys if you have serious upper lip hair up close, pluck away sista.


#9 Using your bra as a handbag

Nowhere to put your phone? No bother, just pop it in your bra it will be safe there.


david krumholtz gigi does it GIF


#10 Only shaving your legs in summer

No one actually looks at your legs in winter so what’s the point in using your precious quality me time to shave? I’m sure bae won’t mind…


shaving shave GIF by HOLYCHILD


#11 Plucking your nipple hairs

You might sit there and think ” I don’t think I have nipple hairs” but come on doll, who you kidding? We all have them and they grow back much quicker when you shave them so give it a good old pluck, no one will ever know.


#12 Enjoying popping a spot

On a scale of Dr Pimple Popper to Misses Squeamish, where do you sit on the popping scale?


britney spears laughing GIF


#13 Wearing shoes without socks

Heading round to your besties for a sleepover and someone shouts ” OMG who’s feet stink?!”, that will most probably be you because you forgot to put your socks on. Yep.


#14 Sharing your besties toothbrush

When you’ve both woken up with a hangover and major dog breath, there is no other option.


#15 Picking off your acrylic nails

Forget soaking them off the right way, give them a good old pick and bite and ruin your real nails underneath, it’s totally fine.


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