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5 Signs You’re Dating The Wrong Person

11 | 10 | 2021


Spot the signs!


5 Signs You’re Dating The Wrong Person


Sometimes it can be hard to avoid that dreaded gut feeling (plus, it’s probably best not to avoid it at all).

It could be something in particular that has made you feel a certain way or just small things that have slowly built up and made you question something within your relationship. Whilst none of us want to go through the hurt of a heartbreak, it could actually be worth it in the long run if the person you’re dating is not quite right for you.


Today we are sharing 5 signs which will help decide if you’re actually dating the wrong person…


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You communicate your concerns but nothing ever changes

Whilst we all have arguments and disagreements, if you’re left feeling deflated time and time again after explaining how you feel then this could be a red flag.


Your relationship is an on again, off again situation

The emotional rollercoaster of an on again, off again relationship is going to drain you girl! If there are more bad times than good, then it could be time to ask yourself if it’s really even worth it?


You overthink things you’re going to say

Ever stop yourself from questions something or voicing your opinion because you’re worried it could cause an argument? If the relationship makes you feel emotionally exhausted then it’s probably time to decide if this is what you truly want.


Your friends/family are not the biggest fan of your partner

This is a big one! Sure, your partner might not get on with every single one of you besties or family members but if it seems you’re hearing the same feedback from multiple people, it could be time to see if what they are saying is something to actually act on. The ones who love you have your best interests at heart so hear them out and go from there.


You love the potential of what could be more than what actually is

If you find yourself over romanticising your relationship or even brushing things off that actually bother you then that is a major sign that you need to take a step back and work out if this partnership is right for you. We know it can be hard to leave a comfortable relationship but you deserve the very best doll! Take some time out to reflect and figure out if things are actually as perfect as they seem..


You got this!

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