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5 Things You Should Experience In Your 20’s

02 | 08 | 2019

Our 20’s are a time of self-discovery, a time to try figure life out and most importantly – a time to have fun without major responsibilities.

Here are our top 5 things to do in your 20’s.


5 Things To Do In Your 20’s

#1. Dump.That.Guy

There is so much more time in the day to be iconic when you’re not doing the emotional labour for your boyfriend.

If he is draining your precious energy – dump that guy. Why waste time with him when you could be living it up with your gals?

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#2. Chase Your Dream Job

Work hard, plead, persist, get creative and if all else fails then BEG.

If you get your foot in the door, amazing. The only way is up. If you don’t, then you’ll never regret not trying.

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#3. Move Out

Scary, yes. Exciting, yes.

Flying the nest is definitely a part of life that needs to take place in your 20s.

Living without your rents means ‘adulting’ to the full and becoming a fully-fledged independent woman.

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#4. Find The Perfect Foundation

Lipsticks and mascaras come and go but a foundation is for life.

We’ve all been through the Dream Matte Mousse stage in our lives but your 20’s are the time to find that ideal match and snatch that skin doll (even if it is a bit on the pricey side).

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#5. Travel

Live abroad. Take a year out.

Take a few years out and teach English to children in China while you “decide what you want to do” or just go on a few Ryanair flights over some long weekends.

See the world – It’s a lot simpler to do before things like children and mortgages.

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