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Black Friday Shopping Tips You Need To Know About

21 | 11 | 2018

Are you a Black Friday beginner babe? Does the chaos scare you a little? Don’t worry, we have a few tips up our sleeve to have you prepped and raring to go. You’ll be saving those pennies whilst filling your basket fo’ sure. So get ready to treat yourself girl.


The Black Friday Shopping Tips You Need To Know About


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Do Your Research

Girl, you need to know who’s offering what so you can chase the deal you’re looking for. You don’t wanna spend all your time looking for deals when things are quickly becoming out of stock. Ditch the drama & plan ahead.

Plan effectively, know what you want and how you’re gonna get it. If you know what you’re looking for your less likely to get sidetracked by that hella cute bag that you ‘DO NOT NEED’ (jokes, a girl always needs something new, right?)

Grab your notepad & get writing that list babe because your gonna be one step ahead of the rest.


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It’s All About Timing

Don’t decide to start your search at the end of the week when all the major bargains are gone.

Grab your daily latte (with an extra shot of coffee please!) & get out of bed early and grab those special deals before they’re gone. Look out for your timings too, there may be a huge discount on at one certain time that will get you some unreal deals.


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Create an Account

If you know where you wanna shop and what you’re looking for, create an account so you can receive emails and newsletters daily.

This makes your life so easy, when a deal pops up, you will get it straight to your mailbox and you can start to shop straight away. It saves so much time and sooooooooo much stress.

So sit back and let the deals come to you!



Stick To Your Budget

Whilst we appreciate the allure of snagging that bargain can be too much to resist – particularly in a moment of panic when it’s you against the rest of the world. However, in order to make sure you don’t break the bank we recommend putting together a loose budget in your mind and sticking to it. No need to get too crazy ok ladies.




Ready, set, shop. Good luck, dolls!

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