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Credit To The Creative Ex

10 | 10 | 2022


The ick we didn’t even know existed!


Credit To The Creative Ex


Things turned sour with an ex and ended up having to block them?

Turns out, many exes are getting a bit more creative when it comes to trying to win you back…

(or at least reach out). 


Today we’re sharing some ways that exes have made contact even after being blocked.

Strap in as these are WILD! Seriously, we couldn’t not share them.


The Weeknd Ex GIF by Victoria's Secret Fashion Show



Hello, I hope you’re well?

Just a quick email to…

Can you imagine receiving this in your inbox!

Extremely awkward, kind regards.

No Way Reaction GIF


Bank Transfer

£1.00 with just the word sorry… Need we say more?



We’re all for connections but not when it’s your ex apologising for whatever went wrong.

Career chats only please.

Paris Hilton Ok GIF


Text Your Loved Ones

It’s basically an unwritten rule but messaging your mum, bestie or any other close family or friend is a no-go.

Best to save that one as a draft!


Swiped Yes

To you! On a dating app. Sorry just no. Let us live!

Obviously it didn’t work out the first time so no, we don’t want to try again, thanks.

Swiping No Thank You GIF by I Love That For You


Spoke Via. A Friend

Pass the message on… Stop ittttttt.


Food Delivery

We all love a takeaway but when it’s accompanied with a “I’m sorry” in the notes…

We haven’t spoke in forever, why do you even still have my address saved?


Letter In The Post

Old school but still cringe.

Sorry, this isn’t the notebook.

GIF by GoPlay


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