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Everything You Learn In Your 20s

13 | 12 | 2019

Hey, girl.

Get your sh*t together and make the most of this life-defining decade.

No one has all the answers, but some things are just obvious (to those in the know).

And we’ve collected a few key insights to guide you on your way.


Everything You Learn In Your 20s


#1. You Need Good People

You’re going to have some truly amazing and unique times in your 20s.

But life being what it is, you’re also going to see some dark days.

Whether its broken hearts or career drama – you need a solid set of friends to get you through it.

Who you surround yourself with is very important. Make sure they’re a positive and supportive asset to your life.

Invest your time in them and they’ll stick around.

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#2. Take Care

Although it might feel like it, you’re not going to have this resilient and youthful body forever.

Take care of yourself by eating well, meditating and exercising.

Getting into a good routine will aid you with the tools to deal with things like stress and anxiety much better.

Set good habits early and reap the rewards.

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#3. You’ll Figure It Out

You’ll think you need to have it all worked out. Career, love life, travelling.

You don’t.

Sometimes it’s best to have an idea of what you would like to happen but not live by rigid rules.

Focus on enjoying this decade and all will come in time.

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#4. Invest in Experiences

Experiences are what you’ll remember and cherish. Making memories and learning new things is super important.

Travel, follow hobbies and make the most of this decade.

Once you’re tied down to paying rent, having children and focusing on your career you’ll miss the opportunity.

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#5. Learn To Fail (But Get Back Up)

There are going to be many unexpected hurdles come up in your twenties.

Instead of hoping for a smooth journey, accept that the bumps in the road are necessary and it’s how you deal with them that matters.

A positive attitude and some good planning help massively.

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