19 | 05 | 2015

Can we just take a minute to discuss Beyonce and Nicki Minaj?

So we totes knew they were chilling together at ‘chella, but we did NOT expect this super sassy hot video collab for Nicki’s new tune “Feeling Myself” which features Mrs Carter herself.

So what’s good about it? Well besides the obvious outfit envy Bey and Nicki inspire, it’s got just about everything you could want from a music video!

1. Paddling pools, inflatable pool toys, water guns and fluffy coats

As you can see, this video is in abundance of all those necessary items you’ll need in your back garden to thoroughly enjoy summer. Basically, these two are showing you how it’s done, and while we know this is filmed in Coachella, who’s to say it won’t get warm enough for us to whack out our paddling pools this summer?

2. Double Trouble

We’re ALL about girl power, which is why we’re loving this duo!

3. Bouncy castles, burgers, and fries

Who doesn’t love a bouncy castle and a McDonald’s? I mean, we’re not jealous that they can eat that and still look that good…not at all…cheeseburger for one please?

4. It inspires Coachella related envy

Need we say more?

5. Queen Bey being Queen Bey

Chilling in a Chicago Bulls swimsuit, filling a pickup truck with water and making it her own personal pool, looking incredible. Need we say more?

6. The absolute boss lady 90’s vibes

Seriously. Are you guys forming a group and if so, where can we sign up?!?!

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