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Hanging With: Carms

23 | 02 | 2017

We caught up with ultimate blogger babe Carms to talk her guide to being the best dressed, dream FROW when it comes to fashion week and the trends she’ll never ditch.

Describe your style in 5 words?

Fun, daring, sometimes simple, black, statement pieces.

What’s the highlight of fashion week for you?

I love seeing other people dressed crazy and extravagant! I’m like wowwww kill ’em! Of course I love the shows that the designers have spent months preparing for and the munchies around everywhere haha.

Fave London based designers?

Mark Fast, Ashley Isham, Christopher Kane and JW Anderson.

Dream FROW besties line up?

Adriana Lima cause she’s so bomb, bad gal RiRi cause she’s bad and Anna Wintour cause she would be everyone’s dream FROW.

Fave trend from this season you won’t be ditching come the next?

I’m loving embroidery! I think it will always be okay to have a little embroidery detail to your outfit to show some personality.

How do you decide on putting together the right outfit when it comes to LFW dressing?

To be honest it takes me a while, I have to open a few tabs and imagine what it looks like all work together and whether it would go with my hair what shoes to wear with it and then you have the risk of it not looking the same when you try it on! But I try go for a certain look to base me outfit on, whether I want to go grungy, girly, laid back or however I’m feeling.

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One trend you would never wear?

I’m quite open minded when it comes to trends, especially if you can make it work! So I would never say never! It’s usually when you say never that you end up wearing it yourself too haha.

The Instagrammers to stalk over fashion week?

@xenia (she’s even met one of my dream frows Adrianna Lima), my amazing friend @nyanelebajoa (who’s being dressed by Versace and full of personality!) and @aylin_koenig who has the best outfits.

Best fashion week goodie bag haul you ever got?

All the makeup I’ve ever needed, brushes, smashbox lipsticks, beauty blender, nail varnish hair all the things I actually use all the time, I’m like yasss imma keep this.

What do you think sets London apart from the other fashion weeks?

I think London has its own unique style, people are daring they’re not afraid to be judged. For example @pandemonia99 is always front row and dresses herself in blow up wigs with blow up dogs and I absolutely love how much b*lls you need to do that! Other fashion weeks are also amazing, but there’s nothing like the originality of London.

Any fashion week survival tips?

Wear shorts under skirts and brings flats in case you’re limping in heels by the end of the evening.

Be honest, how many attempts does it take you to get the perfect #OOTD shot?

If someone has the angle right maybe about 10ish. If the angle isn’t right let’s just say we can be there for a while… 30/40? Yep.

carms blogger london fashion week lfw street style prettylittlething

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