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How PLT Staff Will Be Celebrating Xmas

24 | 12 | 2018

Christmas is around the corner and we don’t think we can wait another second. To get you and us in the Christmas spirit we have gone around the office to find out how some of PLT staff will be spending it this year. Prepare for bad decisions and Christmas traditions that will even warm The Grinch’s heart.




To save embarrassment and keep their Christmas confidential, we have kept our PLT staff anonymous.


Christmas Eve


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“The majority of my sisters and brothers have had children so my house on Christmas Eve is pretty much like Wacky Warehouse. My mum will get us all in matching onesies then we’ll play a family Christmas quiz, watch The Grinch what feels like a million times and finally put food out for Santa and his Reindeers.”


“Once I finish work I’ll ring my mum and give her my order for the takeaway. Then the girls will convince me to get ready and meet them out. I always have intentions of having just one drink and getting an early night but it always ends me eating the takeaway I originally ordered in my kitchen at about 4/5 am.”


“After breaking the shower on Christmas Eve 2011 and my mum not speaking to me the whole day after, I no longer drink (as much) on Christmas Eve. My family and I go to our local pub for some food then finish the night off watching Christmas films at home in front of the fire.”


Christmas Day


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“Once I’ve dragged the whole family out of their beds, we’ll have eggs benedict for breakfast with prosecco then open our presents and go for a big dog walk. Later in the day all of the aunties, uncles, grandparents, cousins and their dogs come round. We’ll try to play a game of articulate but I can guarantee it will end up with everyone arguing and falling out. Such a magical time of the year…”


“I usually wake up feeling regret from staying out too late the night before. But once I’ve had my Christmas morning mimosa, the beer fear is gone.”


“Because my family is so lazy our day tends to involve slobbing around in our PJs, sharing a tub of Quality Street before midday then falling asleep with Baileys in hand at 4pm with a belly full of food.”


Days between Xmas & NYE


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“Each year someone will be gifted a fancy new gadget for us all to play with then it will be forgotten forever after NYE. Last year I only travelled around the house via my brothers’ hoverboard.”


“Between Xmas and NYE is usually just a booze-fuelled blur but that’s why we have dry January, to give our livers a rest.”


“What else is there to do apart from eating and drinking what’s left over from Christmas Day? My body is never looking cute for that bodycon mini to wear on NYE but that’s what boxing day sales are for, buying yourself a new food baby disguising outfit.”



Merry Christmas, dolls!

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