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How to Enjoy a Safe Summer Post-Lockdown

03 | 07 | 2020

How to Enjoy a Safe Summer Post-Lockdown


While there are still rules and regulations in place regarding the coronavirus outbreak, that’s not to say we can’t enjoy a safe summer.

That’s right, summer ain’t cancelled, sis.

With the recent announced in England that we can dine in restaurants, go to the pub/beer garden, see our friends (socially distanced) and go shopping. It’s music to our ears! And though we can’t wait to wear our best post-lockdown ‘fits and get glammed up, we still need to be mindful and enjoy ourselves in the safest way possible.

To help you live your best life this summer, we’ve listed everything you need to know about staying safe and keeping alert.


Face coverings

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Government guidelines are now asking people to wear face coverings on public transport and at hospital appointments.

You should also wear them in places where it’s hard to stay away from people, like at the shops.

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Travelling safely

If you can’t avoid using public transport, here are a few ways you can stay safe…

Check the latest travel updates and allow for delays.

Plan your journey and travel off-peak.

Use online or contactless payment.

Maintain a 2m+ distance.

Wear a face covering.


Social distancing

New guidelines mean we can now shop, go out for dinner and meet friends for drinks (hallelujah!). But social distancing rules still apply.

Avoid close contact and distance from anyone who is not in your bubble or household – even when you’re in someone else’s house.



Wash your hands regularly using soap and water for 20 seconds.

Where you can, grab yourself a hand sanitiser and use this when you’re out and about and avoid touching your face.


Test and trace

If you start suffering from any symptoms, be sure to get tested and don’t leave home except for getting tested.

If you’ve been told you’ve come into contact with an infected person, self-isolate for 14 days.

You can find out more at NHS/coronavirus or by calling 119.


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