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How To Flirt (After Months Of Not Even Socialising)

07 | 06 | 2021


Dating IRL is back!


How To Flirt (After Months Of Not Even Socialising)


Let’s be honest, the idea of flirting after lockdown is overwhelming! Whether you’ve dated online and it’s time to see if that Tinder match going to actually go somewhere or just feel ready to get back out there.. Today we are sharing all the tips you need when it comes to post-lockdown flirting!



Take it slow

After months of restrictions, the idea of going full steam ahead might not be on your agenda. Nobody is rushing you doll, just do you and take it at your own speed!


Be selective

The pandemic taught us just how important it is to take care of ourselves! Be sure to be particular about who you give your attention too. We’re here for the good vibes only.


It’s probably going to take some practice

Let’s be honest after spending the majority of our time during lockdown attempting to maintain our social interaction with zoom quizzes (never again) and outdoor meet up’s – we’re probably not going to be a flirting queen straight of the back. Maybe ask a close friend and see if how you approach flirting is coming across how you want it to.


Confidence is key

We get it, you’ve not done this for a while and the idea of flirting to the fullest is a bit nerve wracking! Thing is, nobody else knows you’re feeling nervous so simply own it. We all know the saying fake it till’ you make it. Simply act confident and the rest will follow.



Maintain that eye contact

Similar to confidence, you just need to commit to the eye contact. Maintain your gaze just a little longer than you usually would!


Subtle touches

If you’re feelin’ it and the vibes are there why not? A hand on the knee whilst laughing, your foot touching theirs slightly if sitting close enough..


Make sure to smile!

It sounds simple but if you’re having a good time flirting be sure to let them know.



Don’t rush

Give yourself all the time you need to know if you actually want to pursue this person! Do not rush yourself to get back out into the dating scene unless you feel truly ready.


Enjoy it!

Don’t forget, flirting should be fun!




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