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How To Get Motivated

10 | 11 | 2017

The mornings are darker and colder, you know you gotta drop some SRS dolla on christmas presents soon, and everything just seems so much EFFORT. We’re guessin’ that right around now you’re feelin’ a lil demotivated? We put together our top tips for getting re-motivated because we know you got sh*t to achieve. Babe, you got this.

How To Get Motivated

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Be Prepared To WORK

Yeah I know, super boring and not exactly helpful. But you gotta realise, if having the dream life were easy, everyone would be doing it. Getting what you want is gonna take hard work, and if you want it bad enough, you’ll be able to work for it.

Hype Yourself Up

Yeah, you read that right. You know how you’re always on hand, fire emojis at the ready, to gas up yo’ girl squad’s selfies? Do it for yourself too. I mean, not literally. Commenting ‘flawless babes x’ on your own selfies is a lil’ weird. ANYWAY, just be prepared to gas yourself up. Girl, you’re more badass and more capable than you even know. Start believing it and magic things will happen. We guarantee it.

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Declutter + Simplify

Yeah, I’m talking about that clothes mountain in the corner of your room. I’m also talking about literally anything in your life taking up space in your mind. That unpaid bill? Just sort it out. That difficult phone call. Just make it. You’ll be amazed at just how much space is in your mind once you give it a lil’ spring clean. Or should that be Autumn clean? Who knows? Not me.

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Take Baby Steps

Instead of setting yourself unrealistic goals and making yourself feel bad when you don’t hit them instantly, try setting smaller and more achievable goals. Those little victories are gonna give you the fire you need to get to your end goal, girl. You’re gonna be amazing.

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Support System

You can only get so far by yourself. It’s guaranteed that on the path to achieving your goals, you’re gonna get de-motivated. This is when your support system comes in handy. It doesn’t matter who it is – your BFF, your nan, your neighbour’s dog – just get you a squad of personal cheerleaders. Nothing better to get you out of a rut than a cuppa and a chat with your nan. Even if she does make you watch Deal Or No Deal afterwards.

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