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How To Take A Social Media Detox

30 | 06 | 2021


Want to break up with your phone? We are here to help…


How To Take A Social Media Detox


Today is National Social Media Day!

Now, it’s no secret that social media can make us feel miserable at times, and ‘logging on’ can be super addictive yet difficult to avoid in the modern world. Nowadays technology is everywhere, from our homes, transport, workplaces – not to mention the huge amount of pressure to keep up with the latest online trends.

Do you ever stop to think about how many hours you spend scrolling, liking and sharing, and what effect this may be having on your mental health? Taking a break from our screens can help to lessen feelings of anxiety, allow us to spend more valuable and memorable time with our loved ones, and encourage a better night’s sleep!

For our top tips on a successful social media detox, just keep reading…


Don’t Do It Alone

If you have a friend who would also like a break from the square screens, ask them to detox with you! This way you can motivate each other and give moral support when temptation arises. The more people you talk to about your social media detox, the more likely you are to stick to your word.


Source A New Form Of Entertainment

Replace the time you would usually spend binging your fave Netflix series or scrolling Instagram with a new pastime. Whether you choose to get out in nature for a walk, take up a new sport, learn to cook your favourite meal or chill out with a good book.

Your free time is valuable and you should use it to do activities that you are passionate about and make you feel good.


Delete Your Most Used Apps

Make use of screen time apps to monitor what social media you are spending the majority of your time on. That way you can consciously limit your use of these, or even delete the applications entirely off your phone for a complete detox.

It’s particularly important to stay away from social platforms that disrupt your happiness or cause you feelings of stress or anxiety. Become besties with the delete, unfollow and block buttons – you will thank us later!


Switch Up Your Morning Routine

Your alarm should be the only app you are using when you first wake up doll! Yet so many of us are guilty of rolling over in bed and spending our mornings catching up with our social media, text, emails, and followers.

When you first wake up your mind is a fresh canvas and the way you choose to start the day affects everything to follow – for better or for worse. Wasting this precious time on social media not only reduces productivity levels but can put you in a really negative headspace.

We recommend starting your day by enjoying a nutritious breakfast, making your bed, and thinking about the goals you want to achieve that day. This way you will feel so much more energized and motivated.


Remind Yourself Of The Benefits

When you feel yourself slipping into bad habits again, remind yourself of all the amazing benefits that a social media detox can have. You will have more time to connect with your loved ones and the real world, practice self-care and prevent comparison to your peers, and not to mention improving your overall mood and mental health.

Don’t be too hard on yourself and remember that even spending a little less time on social media will make a huge difference in the long run! Do your best and take baby steps until it becomes the new normal.

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