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How You Can Do More For Your Community

22 | 04 | 2020

With our normal, everyday lives currently on a temporary hiatus, everything can seem overwhelming and worrying to say the least. With all the uncertainty up in the air and too much doom and gloom in the media, one positive thing we can take from the current circumstances is the epic sense of community spirit that has been awakened inside us all.




When it comes to pulling together to spread those good vibes and empower each other, no good deed is too small or goes unnoticed. Here’s our tips of how you can do more for your community during the current lockdown and social distancing measures.



How many of us actually chat to our neighbours? Being super friendly with those who live next door to you or in your building may seem like a concept out of the ordinary for most, but it is perhaps the smallest good deed you can work into your current daily life that can make a huge difference. Spread the neighbourly love and take 10 minutes out of your day to get to know your neighbours (at a safe social distance, of course). This could make a huge impact to people who are currently on lockdown alone and will brighten their day and yours.



If you’re well and able to get around you’re lucky so feel blessed right now! If you know of people in your neighbourhood who are elderly or maybe having to self-isolate alone right now, why not ask if there’s anything you can do to help? Whether that be grocery shopping on your next essential supermarket trip to any odd jobs you can help with. All whilst keeping to a safe social distancing distance, of course. The people in need will seriously thank you for it.



If you’re feeling particularly techy and chatty, why not volunteer to create a street Whatsapp of Facebook group for the building you live in? This way you and your neighbours can easily keep up to date whether that may be just having a daily chat or in case someone is in need of help with an odd job or favour they’re not able to get out and do themselves.



Go the extra mile for your neighbours and leave anonymous treats on their doorsteps to spread some serious joy. Whether this be your latest cooking or baking experiment or you’ve been getting crafty with some arts and crafts and lending your hand to making cards, this personal touch can really make someone’s day.



The NHS are our country’s pride more than ever right now and giving back to them in any way we can during this crisis is crucial. If you’re currently out of work and would love to step up and busy yourself whilst giving back to the community, find out the ways you can help volunteer with the NHS, whether that be offering support to those who need it via the phone or online. Find out more about how you can get involved here.

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