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Is Monogamy Becoming A Thing Of The Past?

29 | 04 | 2019

After being on the dating scene for a good few years, let me tell you girls – modern dating is a minefield. So much time wasted swiping through potential dates on the latest hookup apps, only for them to ghost after a couple of dates. Even when you meet somebody who ticks your boxes, this generation’s daters aren’t all that keen on defining the relationship status. Enter the non-monogamous relationship.


Is Monogamy Becoming A Thing Of The Past?


While the phrase ‘non-monogamy’ may conjure up images of middle-aged couples at the local swingers club, it isn’t quite so simple. According to quick Google search, there are over twenty types of non-monogamous relationships, ranging from the relatively normal to the downright bizarre. But let’s keep things simple before we delve into a world of line marriages and relationship anarchy (where to even begin?!) let’s start of with the most basic form of non-monogamous relationships and one that most people will be familiar with, an open relationship.


What Is An Open Relationship?


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An open relationship or non-exclusive relationship is exactly like a normal relationship, a primary, emotional and intimate relationship between two partners who agree to hook up with other people. With the nature of openness in the relationship, couples usually set out boundaries and ground rules that can vary widely from couple to couple. A lot of people aren’t allowed to bring people back to a shared living space. Family is probably off limits. Friends are usually no-nos too. Maybe you can have casual sex, but you can’t date. The important thing is that you both know and respect the others wants and wishes.


What’s The Difference Between An Open Relationship And Polyamory?


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Polyamory is the practice of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. While “open relationship” is sometimes used as a synonym for “polyamory” or “polyamorous relationship”, the terms are not synonymous. The “open” in “open relationship” refers to the sexual aspect of a relationship, whereas “polyamory” refers to allowing bonds to form (which may be sexual or otherwise) as additional long-term relationships.


Why Would Anyone Enter An Open Relationship?


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If the idea of having a significant other while still allowing each other to sleep around when the opportunity arises seems totally weird to you, you wouldn’t be alone. The term monogamy was coined by the Ancient Greek. We’ve been conditioned to stay with the same person for as long as possible, with the end goal being a diamond wedding anniversary but more and more couples are choosing non-traditional routes. For some, it’s distance, for other’s it’s not being bound to societal conditioning. Some couples just love the idea of spicing it up with new experiences and time to experiment.


Is An Open Relationship For Me?


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Whatever the reason for considering an open relationship, the most important thing is that it’s right for you. If your significant other frequently plays away from home and you’re hoping to keep them around longer by opening up the relationship the only thing you’re actually opening up is yourself to hurt. Deep O’ Clock, we know – but it cannot be stressed enough that if you enter into an open relationship it must be for yourself as much as for your significant other. Monogamous relationships can work splendidly for some couples while for others polyamory or opening up the relationship is the way forward. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to relationships the important thing is that you do what makes you and your significant other happy.

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