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Let’s Talk Ghosting

26 | 10 | 2021


And we don’t mean the spooky kind!


Let’s Talk Ghosting


Unfortunately if you have dated in recent years (especially online) then you’ll know all to well that ghosting has simply become part of the territory – in fact it’s sadly just the norm now.


Whilst it’s a shame that we are still having to talk all things ghosting in 2021, it’s a dating trend that does not seem to be heading anywhere anytime soon (annoying, we know).


Today we are sharing an insight into all things ghosting, from the why’s, the how’s and what to do if it happens to you. This is the PrettyLittleThing guide to getting ghosted!


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You know the vibe, you’ve been dating or at least speaking (pretty much none stop) then suddenly the communication slows down, replies are taking what feels like forever and then… utter silence.


No sorry it’s not you it’s me conversation, not even a text back to the what you up to this weekend question (that you asked two days ago). Getting ghosted can seriously play on your mind – of course, we all wonder if it was something we did, did we say the wrong thing, come on too strong?


Likelihood is (as long as there was not something really dramatic that happened) that the problem was them and actually nothing to do with you. From not wanting to have an awkward conversation about not seeing each other again to something happening in their personal life – truth is, you’ll probably never actually know (due to the ghosting).


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So, you’re probably questioning what to do if you are ghosted…


How long has it been?

Before jumping to conclusions, it’s probably best to work out if that person is actually ghosting you – maybe they are ill, lost their phone etc. Of course if days pass or they are posting on social and you’ve still not heard from them then it is probably time to accept the harsh truth.


Double text?

If you’re thinking of reaching out again, maybe think twice before sending that second follow up text. Are you going to feel embarrassed if they also ignore that message? Would you regret it as soon as you press send? As the good old quote goes – “if they wanted to they would”. Of course, if you do want to press send then go for it babe, just remember – they probably did see your first text and just decided to ignore it.


Coming to terms with the full Casper effect.

Of course you are going to overthink and question why someone has done this. It’s only natural, but truth is no matter how many text conversations you re-read or how many sections of your date you replay in your mind – you’ll simply never know what was the reason behind their final decision. So whilst you might feel a bit down for few days, be sure you bounce back ASAP. You’re far to good to be questioning your self-worth especially when it’s due to someone who won’t even send you a text back!


Onwards and upward!

Once you’ve accepted the ghosting (and maybe slated them in the group chat), it’s time to be grateful that you dodged that bullet. Be glad you are no longer wasting your energy on that person and appreciate it’s time to move on. Were they the “one” if they ghosted? Obv not. Prioritise yourself and know that you’re better off without that kind of negativity in your life.


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Thinking of ghosting somebody? Don’t do it doll!

Why not opt for one of these quick text messages instead…


Want to stay friends?

I don’t feel this going anywhere romantically, but I would love to stay friends.


Didn’t feel the vibe?

It was really great to meet you and I do think we have a lot in common just I don’t see this progressing into a romantic relationship.


Life got in the way?

I’m going through some personal stuff right now, and I need time to work through it on my own.


Just not wanting a relationship ATM?

I thought I was ready to date again, but I’m not.

I’ve realised my commitment is to other things at the moment.


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