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MAKING IT…In Fashion Marketing and PR

03 | 10 | 2014

Is it your dream to work in the fashion industry? Dying to work in Fashion Marketing and PR? Well we’re here to give you the insider tips on how to make it in the industry from our very own Marketing and PR exec; Pippa.

Pippa 2

Did you go to Uni?


What made you want to work in fashion?

It wasn’t on my original wish list! I qualified as a Beauty and Sports Therapist after finishing school, only to have a mild early-life crisis, realising that I would be stuck in that job forever. After working full time for 12 months I was then easily persuaded by friends to go to University (more for the lifestyle, I must admit). I looked through the prospectus like I was choosing a holiday and landed on fashion!

How did you get to PrettyLittleThing?

Continuing the student lifestyle after graduation, I worked in hospitality for a while in-between spending my summers abroad. When it became apparent it was time to knuckle down, I applied for an Assistant position within a fashion Company in London. I made the move to the Capital, worked hard for 12 months, and eventually moved back up North for another position within Fashion. After gaining all this valuable experience, an opportunity with PrettyLittleThing came my way and I jumped at the chance. It was a fantastic opportunity to join a brand that was relatively new so I could be a part of it as it grew!

Describe a day in the life of a Marketing and PR exec…

My day begins by checking the sales from the previous day first and foremost. I’ll ensure that all the messaging on site and promotions are in line with what we’re offering. I’ll have a morning catch up with our PR agency, see what’s being requested by press, stylists, celebrities, and see if there are any trends we can target and send samples in for! I’ll make sure all the imagery they need from us is available and I’ll organise sending samples down for our showroom. This role requires a lot of talking, as I will speak to any companies we have activity with, deal with stylists, celebrities and press! The afternoon is more about planning for the coming weeks, reviewing promotion performance, planning any supporting activity, site updates, TV activity, press events and appointments…plan, plan, plan!

What’s been your most memorable moment so far?

 Launching our first exclusive collection and seeing the advert go out on TV with the whole team was a proud moment! But I must admit that when I see a celebrity wearing our product is amazing, because I always think “that’s my job to do that!”

What are your top tips for someone wanting to work in the fashion industry?

Be persistent! If you apply for a position and you don’t hear back, contact them, show initiative as this will stick in their minds and make you stand out! If you don’t get the job you wish for, don’t give up! Keep looking! If you want something enough you’ll get it! Try and get as much experience as possible; if you see a company looking for someone to help out or intern for a few weeks, a month, do it! It will look great on your CV and you’ll begin to make contacts which is vital in this industry!

What is your ultimate piece of Fresher advice?


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