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Meet US Student Ambassador Niyah

20 | 06 | 2023


Each month we’ll be catching up with our student ambassadors to talk all things student style, study tips and overall student life.

Today we’re catching up with, Niyah Harvey.


Hey Niyah! Could you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

Greetings good people! I am Niyah Harvey, a second-year Computer Science major attending THEE Virginia State University, hailing from Baltimore, Maryland.

At my beloved HBCU, I served as the Miss Freshman for the 2022-2023 academic school year, now serving as the Promotions chair for the Trojans Activities Board and the President in Training for our VSU Section of the NCNW.



How about a 5-year plan?

Or are you more of a “see what happens” kind of vibe?

Within two years, I expect to see a huge growth in my influencer/content creating projects because it is truly something that I love doing.

In three years, I will be graduating from my university and from then on, I will be excelling in the computer science career field.


How do you find the study/life balance?

Is there a way you prioritize one or the other?

Honestly, I learned how to separate my school life from my social life the hard way.

So, I had to go through the tough times, to get to a place where I could succeed in both categories.

You must understand your “why” to know what you want to achieve.



Let us talk tips…
Do you have any advice on meeting new people/making new friends?

The best way to make new friends is to allow yourself to be comfortable with the uncomfortable (in a respectful manner), and to step out of your comfort zone to be able to bring your amazing qualities to a new group of people.


Are there any study tips you would love to share with our blog readers?

Maybe a hack you have found that helps when needing to get work done?

To ace studying, you must start at the very first step. A planner, which helps you keep track of your homework assignments and what you need to study.

Then, you are available to practice, review, and complete assignments.



Do you have a go-to study spot?

I do not have a go-to study spot; however, there are now private study rooms in our library at school which seem relaxing and intentional, so I will try that during the upcoming semester.


Ok, now for fashion!

If you were to describe your student style in 3 words, what would they be?

The 3 C’s: Chic, Classy and Comfortable.



Is there a fashion trend you’re loving right now?

I have not tried this yet, but I love the tied or cropped graphic tee with tight midi Kimora skirts.

It is super simple, but it does it every time!


With festival season on the agenda, is there a PLT festival outfit you would love to style?

The whole outfit with the Petite Orange Ombre Sequin Mini Skirt eats so I would love to style that festival outfit!

I’d style with these heeled boots instead or maybe trending cowboy boots.

Petite Orange Ombre Sequin Mini Skirt image 1 White Pu Zip Detail Point Toe Mid Heeled Knee Boots image 1

Petite Orange Ombre Sequin Mini Skirt

White Pu Zip Detail Point Toe Mid Heeled Knee Boots

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Continuing with the outfit inspo, do you have a vacation on the agenda?

If so, what is your fave summer trend that you will be styling this vacay season?

Sadly, I do not have any upcoming vacations; however, I am the type of person to wear assorted styles during my vacation including the 3 C’s and a B, as in bad.


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Finally, 4th July – will you be celebrating? (If so, how?) and are there any PLT pieces you will be styling up whilst celebrating?

During the 4th of July, I will still be working on campus, but I will (most likely) wear the Black Faux Suede Cropped T-Shirt set because it is simple but very stylish.

Black Faux Suede Cropped T-shirt image 1 Black Faux Suede Cropped T-shirt image 3

Black Faux Suede Cropped T-shirt

Black Faux Suede High Rise Micro Mini Skirt

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You can keep up to date with Niyah on Instagram here.


Check out more student content onsite here.




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