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Q&A with Tamara Francesconi

26 | 05 | 2021


Today we are catching up with Tamara Francesconi in celebration of her new PLT drop!


Q&A with Tamara Francesconi


We caught up on set with Tamara to ask all the questions you wanted to know ASAP! From styling inspo to must visit travel destinations and even what it’s like to date the real life Chuck Bass!


Start scrollin’ for the ultimate girl talk.


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Q: I am obsessed with your style, what or who inspires your outfits?

A: Thanks! I mainly get a lot of inspiration from my travels for example different textiles, fabrics and colours I spot whilst I’m travelling.

I also actually quite like to dress to suit the theme of the places I’m visiting. So if I’m in Italy, I’ll try for an Italian theme or Morocco – a Moroccan theme. I love to dress according to my travels!


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Q: Where’s the best place you have travelled?

A: This is quite easy for me, so the best place I have ever travelled to is Sumber in Indonesia.

I also loved Cappadocia in Turkey! Hot air balloons at 5am, it was unbelievable.

Morocco and the Maldives too, the list is endless!


Q: What about the worst?

A: I’ve actually loved everywhere I’ve visited. From each place I have either learnt something, met new people or experienced different cultures so I don’t really have a place to name.


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Q: Your skin is perfect, drop the routine sis!

A: I think skin is very dependent on the person. I mean I can’t really give advice, but I think the most important thing is to ALWAYS wear sunscreen.


Q: What’s it like dating the real life Chuck Bass?

A: Ok, I’m going to keep this short and sweet! Katy Perry – Teenage Dream.


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Q: Cutest dog in the world, we need to know – why did you call him Humphrey Bogart?

A: So, mine and Ed’s favourite movie is Casablanca and the lead in it is played by Humphrey Bogart, we both just think he is phenomenal! Oh, and we do also think Humphrey looks a bit like him..


Q: I studied law too, how did you balance graduating and being an icon?

A: Well, firstly thank you! I really don’t think of myself as an icon but I definitely wasn’t balancing anything whilst studying as I was very much focused on my studies. I think you just really need to be good at managing your time, then once you do finish studying the possibilities are endless.


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Q: You’re from SA but you live in London, how are you coping with the weather?

A: I think growing up in South Africa and being in the heat constantly has actually made me really enjoy the cold. I also really love winter fashion too! I know, ironic since we are shooting Summer right now.


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Q: I follow your travel page, where should I travel to this Summer?

A: Well, obviously there are a lot of COVID restrictions ATM but it depends where you are travelling from, if you are in the UK then Portugal is on the green list which is fantastic!

For me, I LOVE Italy! I’m half Italian so it will always be one of my favourites, the Amalfi coast is incredible so I would say definitely Italy once allowed.


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Do the most this summer. You’ve earned it!

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