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Signs It’s Time to Walk Away From a Relationship

08 | 11 | 2019

Having doubts about your significant other?

Perhaps something has clicked out of place, and you just can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t right.

It can feel daunting trying to work out of this is a phase or if you’re ready to move on without them.

However, a few telltale signs can help define if it’s time to walk away.

Peep the below for the 411.


Signs It’s Time to Walk Away From a Relationship


#1. Connection Interrupted

Emotional support in a healthy relationship is super important.

If you feel like you are operating at a surface level with your partner it’s best to discuss it with them.

If you can’t have an honest conversation about it and get them to open up, then it’s a worrying sign.

In the long term, you need someone who you can share emotional intimacy with.


#2. Respect

A good relationship is all about balance and compromise.

This is not a one-man show.

You’re thoughts and opinions need to be taken into consideration.

You shouldn’t be made to feel belittled or worthless in any partnership.

Keep it moving if they can’t get on board with balance.


#3. Feeling Lonely

Do they have enough time to dedicate to building this relationship? Do you even want them to?

If you’re not feeling fulfilled and already imagining a life without them, including long and short term goals, it’s time to cut loose…


#4. Partner in Crime

Are you in this because your comfortable and happy to have someone to do things with?

Holidays, days out, family events. It’s sometimes comforting to have someone by your side through it all.

But do you care about them or just tolerate them so you’re not alone? Hmm.


#5. Almost Doesn’t Count

Are they almost perfect?

Do they tick mostly every box?

If you feel like you’re always sacrificing things to make it work then it’s hardly a solid foundation.

Make an exit before you run out of steam.


#6. It’s Just Done

Sometimes you just lose the spark and you need to be on your own.

It’s not selfish to want to be on your own and if it’s what you need then so be it.

It’s 2019, self-care breakups are SO ok.








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